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    Excuse Me ..

    by , 06-10-2021 at 12:17 PM (20 Views)
    Dream From June 28 '19:
    it is daytime.
    the location is a small country town, of about 10,000 people.
    or, its the suburb of a larger city (probably not, though not entirely likely).
    not that its important for me to do so, but i am looking for a public library, to get access to the internet.
    i walk along one street, which is two way (single lane each way), and get to a corner.
    the corner is part of a + intersection.
    there is a woman walking as well, whom, when i get to the intersection, i try to stay away from, by a couple of footsteps.
    i cross over to halfway, to a median strip (whatever it is).
    she goes whichever direction, and i keep going straight ahead, possibly in front of her.
    there has to be a library somewhere in this town.
    then i get to another intersection.
    i do see the street to my left.
    it could be just a side street, from off a long street/road, which isn't a + intersection.
    at the corner, she is to my right.
    i keep a gap of one step from her.
    i see her, the left side of her.
    she is wearing a long sleeved grey tee.
    she looks a little bit Asian, not that she is.
    i don't look around to my right, to look for any vehicles turning left, into this side street.
    i let her go first, to cross the road.
    so she steps onto the bitumen, and walks away, to my left, up a slightly inclined street.
    she is about two metres from me, when i call out to her and say "excuse me".
    i say it again "excuse me" but of course, she is ignores me.
    due to the upward incline, i see her lean forward slightly, to walk up the street.
    i was hoping she would turn around so i could ask her where the library is.
    good for her, i'll it find myself.
    so i keep walking straight ahead.
    i get to an area, of what appear to be a kerbless road, and an old looking church building (with a triangular roof).
    its a small building, with a small yard.
    there is a small chainlink fence around it.
    it looks to have been converted into a small library.
    i only see the building, from a few metres away, and don't enter it.
    then the dream ends.

    any questions, or comments ?

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