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    Flimsy Cricket Bat ..

    by , 11-25-2021 at 07:07 AM (310 Views)
    Dream From Nov 25 '21:
    It is day.
    Am with a large group of folks.
    We are playing a game of cricket.
    One of the guys gets out, so i have to go out and play my particular innings.
    As i step out, an older woman (60 years plus), gives me my cricket bat.
    However, its floppy piece of wood, about one metre long, and about one centimetre thick.
    And, there is chicken wire attached to it.
    i lift it up so i can see it in front of me, up to, or just below shoulder level.
    Her name is on it.
    Her name is mrs g something.
    As i walk out to the field, with back to screen, and walking at an angle to my left, to the pitch, i do a quick shadow bat.
    i have to hold the edging of the wood, which is rathe awkward, given the chicken wire attached to it.
    The wire looks like the large square of construction fencing.
    The gathering must be more than 20 people, maybe 50, maybe more.
    Then i stand at the crease, and face my left, being a left hand batsman.
    One ball is bowled to me and i miss it.
    It goes past me, rather quick, to my right.
    Or there is one person to my right, to distracts me slightly.
    Then a second delivery.
    Despite the bat being rather flimsy, i manage to hit the ball.
    It goes away from me, to my left, at a 70 degree angle.
    The folks in front of me, are blocking my view of where it went, and whether anyone caught the ball.
    One bloke, who is at the back of the folks, raises his hands.
    Thinking he has caught, i quickly approach him.
    All the folks move out of my way, to my right and left.
    i want to punch him, for claiming a catch, even though i couldn't see it, because those folks were in my line of sight.
    His facial reaction to me though, indicates he didn't catch the ball.
    He says to me, or points to behind himself, that the ball fell behind him.
    oh, ok, well, i won't punch him.
    Then i face a third ball.
    This time, a young boy is to my right.
    He distracts me, as a ball goes past me.
    The ball hits the stumps and i am out.
    However, i protest because the boy distracted me.
    So, i grab him by the back of the neck with my right hand and walk him away, straight.
    As we walk, i call him a twit, but then say to him, that i shouldn't call him a twit.
    Then, im about to face a 4th ball, when some of the other guys, and i, run over to a small brick building, ahead of me a bit to my right.
    Apparently the brick building is a toilet block with faucets and soap.
    We have to wash our hands, supposedly because of covid.
    As we run to the building, one of the boys or guys says that he won't touch the ground, or that he shouldn't, because of covid.
    Then, i face a 5th ball.
    i hit it to my right, and then chase after it, to get it back to the bowler, because no one else will chase it.
    As i run, i step over two silver coins.
    Dream ends.

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