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    Gough Whitlam ..

    by , 06-16-2021 at 11:23 AM (42 Views)
    Dream From Oct 25 '14:
    the setting or location is that of a room in a conference centre or perhaps an RSL.
    its a function room, for people to gather in for, a function.
    the folding doors for this room, are to my left, and the windows are at back of room, to my right.
    in the middle of the room are some tables, which are circular, and can sit up to about 6 people.
    the function could be a reunion, or something similar to that.
    sitting at one table, with his back to the windows, i see a man, (front view and left side), who looks like or is that of Gough Whitlam.
    he passed away earlier this week.
    i can see his face, so i know its him.
    he is clean shaven, and looks about 50 years of age.
    initially i see him by himself.
    then, to his left, sitting next to him, is his twin or his replica double.
    "he's beside himself".
    this twin or double is also a "good" version of him.
    there is a white square plate in front of him, with some pasta on it.
    the top few strands seem to have pink on the top side of them.
    every other strand is white.
    then i see sitting opposite him, and facing him, is that woman in the mental health admin, who sits next to that Stephanie woman.
    this woman is tall, slim, wears glassed and has long black hair.
    she turns around to her right, looks at me, and smiles.
    i can see her facial features.
    not sure of her relationship to Gough Whitlam.
    she is that Daya woman from the mental health admin.
    does she represent a daughter figure, a girlfriend figure, a niece, a carer, or something else?
    the lights seem to be on inside, even though i can see sunshine through the windows.
    there could be some grass outside, regardless of any driveway, or any recreational facilities outside.
    the wall colour inside, is a plain colour, such as white.
    as for what the woman, and what Gough is wearing, not sure.
    she could be wearing her work clothes.
    are they in an rsl, or are they in an aged care facility?
    the tables are a creamy colour, are stable, and designed for such a room.

    any comments or questions ?

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