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    Hedge, And Pattern On Truck ..

    by , 06-15-2021 at 01:35 PM (53 Views)
    Dream From July 29 '14:
    it is daytime.
    im standing, with back to screen.
    im standing in front of a row of screen shrub hedge, which goes across the screen.
    there are green, and red leaves.
    im sure pop had some plants like it.
    i can see a bit of the hedge, because it is short in stature.
    and i see that my name is written at the bottom right of screen, in white, like that of when another program is advertised during a current program.
    but i don't hear my name.
    why my name is there, i don't know.
    my name is there, its visible, but not obvious.
    then i look up to about the middle of the screen.
    there is more of the hedge.
    it appears to be an outline or a boundary line.
    the rest of it, is like the #.
    i see that, up the screen, from middle to the top of screen, but as though im looking down at it, from above.
    i see it, like that of driving a car, and scanning the road.
    so, the hedging thing, is like a maze.
    it looks fairly easy to get through, which could be intentional, so that its not complicated.
    there is a young man and woman in the maze, near the left side boundary.
    she is to his left, and closer to that hedge, than what he is.
    he is closer to the middle part of the # than what she is.
    he is taller than her.
    his clothes are a pair of denim jeans and that of a shirt, or a top, of some colour.
    she is wearing a red top.
    im sure they are boyfriend and girlfriend; there is no indication from them, to suggest otherwise.
    see drawing for inside of maze design.
    the maze and boundary hedge would be square in shape and about the size in width and length of a family home.
    the couple are between the left hedge boundary, and one of the long horizontal edges. when looking down at them.
    next, or dream 2?
    it is daytime.
    the location is that of a vineyard.
    initially i am standing and holding onto the left side door of a truck, like the milk truck that delivered milk to the Westdale house.
    im not holding on for dear life, but i am holding on.
    and i briefly see the left side external wall of the truck.
    its plain, white, no words or logos.
    and i don't see the ground.
    mu current focus is the back door.
    on the top left corner of this door, is some pattern or design.
    i see it appear, like that of the Luc Longley basketball cup i have.
    see drawing for pattern.
    the top left of the pattern appears, as though its a revelation.
    it could be red, and appears by itself.
    then i breathe on the one below it, like that of breathing onto a window, in winter.
    this second one, in the pattern, appears.
    the colour appears to be yellow.
    im sure there are no words, logos or other stuff that shows.
    for some reason, i try to get the rest of the pattern.
    and to do so, before time runs out.
    there is no timer, but even so.
    im not aware of any comp, or being in a comp, for this to happen.
    i don't get to the third one in the pattern, when i get off the door and see that im standing on a track.
    it seems the pattern on the truck, relates to the vineyard.
    was the pattern a clue.
    was i meant to stay on the truck?
    could i have gotten more of the pattern, before it was supposedly too late?
    should it matter what didn't happen?
    what about what did happen?
    as i stand on the ground, i see the grey paved path the truck is on.
    just in front of me, the track is raised up, like a mound, for the truck to drive up and over.
    and i watch as the truck drives away, and around a corner, to my right.
    not sure i was on the truck at the time, or whether i see it as i stand on the track, but looking to my right, i see a section of the vineyard.
    it could be a row of hedging with a track parallel to it.
    its about driveway width.
    is it bitumen?
    in the background, there is a boundary fence, which could be or would be vineyard like.
    there is a vine like plant growing up it.
    am i to look around the vineyard, because i don't.
    as i stand there, the dream ends.

    any comments or questions ?

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