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    1. Hissing Can ..

      by , 06-11-2021 at 10:03 AM
      Dream From June 1 '14:
      apparently the location is Levi's living room.
      i'm looking in the direction of his backyard.
      the driveway windows would be to my left.
      there is a spray can on the floor on the living room.
      not sure that i physically remove it myself or whether i see it get removed.
      well, the can is "hissing" like that of a flat tyre.
      the can hasnt been used to spray anything, so i don't know what the go is with the hissing.
      thats rather odd.
      the can is taken, by someone, or so it appears, from inside, to the backyard.
      and the can being taken outside, is repeated more than once.
      the can is upright, on the floor, and then positioned upright outside.
      the blinds in the living room could be open, and the light could be on.
      unless there is sunlight coming in, through the blinds.
      as for outside, when the can is out there, the time could be dusk.
      and i can see the sunset, through the trees in the backyard.
      or, over the roof, of the house behind Levi's.
      the hiss inside, is either one long one, or its some short hisses.
      upon outside, the hissing stops.
      and then it appears inside again, before being taken out, as a repeat.

      any comments or questions ?
    2. Roofless House, And Boat ..

      by , 06-10-2021 at 12:30 PM
      Dream From May 19 '14:
      the setting is that of a rectangular shaped house, which i am in.
      its parallel to what i think is Evans Street, opposite where Kane N lived.
      i'm inside, facing the Evans Street/Mitchell Street corner.
      what i notice, is that the ceiling looks like its night time, so no moon, only stars.
      so does that mean i can see the sky, without there being a roof on this house?
      well that is interesting.
      whether that should be strange or not, i don't know.
      that means, this house is in darkness (not negative), although thats not entirely true.
      there are some lights on.
      i'm in what looks like a kitchen (the Westdale one?) and i see a traffic light sitting on the bench, near the laundry door.
      i go past it and see the yellow light.
      the green, and the red light may not be on.
      so, i leave the kitchen and go into another room.
      although i'm already there, i think ive been invited to a party.
      there are fairy lights on the walls, along the skirting boards near the floor.
      only a few of the lights are on.
      although i don't see anyone, in person, i think jie is here.
      possibly my lady, and a few other people as well.
      i think a party is about to start, or happen.
      there doesn't appear to be any drugs, alcohol, other such substances.
      from the kitchen, i go into another room, which i noticed earlier.
      then i try to go into another room.
      there is a stained glass door in the hallway/walkway, that i walk through
      so, i decide to leave, because i'm agitated or uncomfortable, because of what i think is about to happen.
      ironically, i don't stay to see what happens; maybe i should've.
      there isn't a negative vibe.
      maybe i am just being insecure, for no reason.
      then outside, i, walking, when i stop at the Evans/Mitchell Street intersection.
      i look up Mitchell Street, from at the corner.
      although i can't i could still visit the old house.
      strangely enough, i see to my left, facing the Mitchell Street park, and parked on the corner of the hobby farm, on a boat trailer is a boat.
      its a boat, with windows at the front, which are on the side of the side of it.
      there is a piece of paper on one window, on the right hand side, as i look to my left, at it.
      it still night time, and a street light is on, above the boat.
      thats another irony as there is no pole there; there is an exposed corner gutter, which i don't think has been covered, as yet.
      the trailer is parked on gravel on the edge of Evans Street, with the jockey wheel near the gutter at the corner.
      i though the piece of a4 paper, which is plain, white and horizontal, was a "for sale" sign, for the boat, or not for the boat.
      in hindsight, i don't recall seeing any such writing on the piece of paper.
      there could be a frilly red coloured border around the edge of the piece of paper.
      the top half of the boat is white; is it fibreglass?
      the bottom half is wood (brown) or something.
      am only walking past boat, and not jogging.
      did i see the boat earlier in the dream, or do i think i did, when i didn't see, or was there a reference to the boat earlier in the dream?
      it seems familiar, and i dunno why.
      it was a spoken reference nor a written reference.

      any comments or questions ?
    3. Swimming Won By Me ..

      by , 06-10-2021 at 12:26 PM
      Dream From May 11 '14:
      the setting is that of a swimming pool.
      its 100 metres long, and 25 metres wide.
      not sure the pool is indoor, or whether its outdoor, which means there may or may not be lights on.
      the pool maybe an olympic one, or that of a suburban complex.
      so, i'm either gonna be in a race, or am about to do laps for my own interest.
      can see the lane ropes at the surface of the water.
      initially, i don't see myself doing any swimming.
      and, apparently there are other people here as well.
      i know there are other people, because, for what is my final lap, i stand up at one end, which could be the shallow end, and decide to walk to the other end, rather quickly.
      i do that, to "win".
      so it must be that i have done at least one lap before i do that.
      then, as i walk on the surface of the water, below me, in the water, is a woman.
      it seems i have stepped on her, to walk past her.
      its only when she grabs hold of my right heel, that i know she is there.
      when she grabs me, i hear her let out a groan, like a sigh.
      and because of that, bubble may make it to the surface.
      so, i get to the other end, where the starting blocks are.
      one of the officials, is there to greet me.
      what i don't do, is stand there and celebrate my win, because i'm not so sure i have actually won.
      so i clench my fists, as though happy, and have a modest celebration.
      then that same woman, stands in front of me, and tells me what she said when i stepped on and over her.
      she starts to, or is about to say what it was, but she doesn't utter the words to me.
      maybe she wants to.
      is she my lady?
      despite standing right in front of me, and so closely, she is a blur.
      or i can see her face, but its not clear to me, or i don't recognise her.

      any comments or questions ?
    4. The 2019 Cricket World Cup Score ..

      by , 06-10-2021 at 12:19 PM
      Dream From June 14 '19:
      There is no footage for this.
      The vibe of this dream is that of an arcade game.
      Australia wins the 2019 Cricket World Cup using rego plates ....
      and based on the 2015 World Cup score, they beat India or new Zealand in the 2019 final.

      any questions or comments ?
    5. Excuse Me ..

      by , 06-10-2021 at 12:17 PM
      Dream From June 28 '19:
      it is daytime.
      the location is a small country town, of about 10,000 people.
      or, its the suburb of a larger city (probably not, though not entirely likely).
      not that its important for me to do so, but i am looking for a public library, to get access to the internet.
      i walk along one street, which is two way (single lane each way), and get to a corner.
      the corner is part of a + intersection.
      there is a woman walking as well, whom, when i get to the intersection, i try to stay away from, by a couple of footsteps.
      i cross over to halfway, to a median strip (whatever it is).
      she goes whichever direction, and i keep going straight ahead, possibly in front of her.
      there has to be a library somewhere in this town.
      then i get to another intersection.
      i do see the street to my left.
      it could be just a side street, from off a long street/road, which isn't a + intersection.
      at the corner, she is to my right.
      i keep a gap of one step from her.
      i see her, the left side of her.
      she is wearing a long sleeved grey tee.
      she looks a little bit Asian, not that she is.
      i don't look around to my right, to look for any vehicles turning left, into this side street.
      i let her go first, to cross the road.
      so she steps onto the bitumen, and walks away, to my left, up a slightly inclined street.
      she is about two metres from me, when i call out to her and say "excuse me".
      i say it again "excuse me" but of course, she is ignores me.
      due to the upward incline, i see her lean forward slightly, to walk up the street.
      i was hoping she would turn around so i could ask her where the library is.
      good for her, i'll it find myself.
      so i keep walking straight ahead.
      i get to an area, of what appear to be a kerbless road, and an old looking church building (with a triangular roof).
      its a small building, with a small yard.
      there is a small chainlink fence around it.
      it looks to have been converted into a small library.
      i only see the building, from a few metres away, and don't enter it.
      then the dream ends.

      any questions, or comments ?
    6. Terminology Used As A Person's Name ..

      by , 06-10-2021 at 12:02 PM
      Dream From June 2 '21:
      Seeing a 2 sentence paragraph at the top of an upright a4 piece of paper.
      There is a word at the end of the paragraph, being the second line.
      The word is one that would be used in a health insurance document, as terminology.
      And, apparently it can also be used as a persons name.
      Unfortunately i don't see the word, nor do i know for sure what it is.
      The word could be like that of Ashley.
    7. Raffle Ticket (105) ..

      by , 06-10-2021 at 11:58 AM
      Dream From July 17 '19:
      it is daytime.
      am sitting on my weights bench in the garage (at nelson street).
      i am looking out, to my right.
      in my hand/s is a raffle ticket.
      looking to my right, a tallish bald man, steps onto the driveway.
      he calls my ticket, which is red 105.
      its a circle, and with red dots in it (like that of the dimple things on my foam roller).
      i stand up, and then step out to him.
      i ask him is is a red circle with red dots (in the circle).
      yes it is.
      strangely, he tells me its his last day (supposedly for selling raffle tickets)
      then he hands me the other half of my ticket (from the book), with 2 or 3 other tickets under it (one is yellow and the other i don't know).
      i think he does that, so i have it for my own collection.
      and then he leaves.
      as i step back to the garage, i look inside the driveway window of the room 3 bedroom, or that of my room.
      not much to see.
      maybe i can finally move out.
      so, i've won something, but prize is not known, as no prize was given to me.

      any questions or comments ?
    8. Paying Royalties To Hanson ..

      by , 06-10-2021 at 11:56 AM
      Dream From July 10 '19:
      it is night time.
      there could be some street lights on.
      the location is either suburban, or its partly suburban, near a business area.
      it could be like that of Cleary Street or Lindsay Street, which are side streets of Beaumont Street, in Hamilton.
      i'm walking on a footpath, on the south side this side street, and going west, away from what would be Beaumont Street.
      i stop at metal fence, which is short.
      its a welded wired mesh fence.
      the metal itself is thin, but strong.
      looking south, i can see the backyard of a brickhouse.
      the front of the house, faces Beaumont, so i'm see the left side of the house.
      the three guys from Hanson are playing music on the back verandah, which is at ground level.
      there is a carport/garage to my right, at the rear of the yard.
      i get some gold coin out of my right shorts pocket to give to them.
      the two older Hanson guys come to the fence.
      the coin is some change, from money that Dad has given me, for me to buy something.
      the two older Hanson's and i chat for about one minute.
      the first son is a bit older than me.
      the second born is my age but a few months younger.
      the younger son, is still playing his drums while i chat to his brothers.
      i tell them that the coins ($3?) are royalties for their first album, being middle of nowhere.
      they thank me for the money.
      i am a little amused by this but anyway.
      they begin to step away from the fence, when the dream ends.

      any questions or comments ?
    9. Abandoned Tunnels ..

      by , 06-10-2021 at 11:52 AM
      Dream From June 27 '19:
      this starts with me on my bicycle going down what looks to be Bourke Street.
      i don't see much of that, until i get to what looks to be the Peel street roundabout.
      otherwise, this is somewhere else, possibly on Sydney.
      as i get to the roundabout, or the intersection (of where it is i am), i get off my bike, and walk towards, what is a ground level entrance to some place.
      for it to be in Sydney, it must be close to Central Station, and where the bus stop is, in Pitt Street or George Street.
      the entrance is an archway.
      its brown, and looks like its made of clay.
      so i enter in, not knowing what it looks like.
      upon entering, i see there are some abandoned tunnels.
      there is some light in here, probably artificial.
      its not eerie as such, though i am a bit cautious, especially for expecting to be startled.
      so i step to my left and have a brief look.
      there is what appears to be, an empty pool, but i don't have a closer look, because its small, and not of much interest to me.
      i call out "cooee" and there is an echo/reverb of that.
      no response.
      so i turn, go back towards the doorway, and then go to the right of it.
      there are some tunnels going away from the doorway.
      so i call out again, and say something like that of "ka-ka".
      whatever i say, its something like that.
      and no response.
      so i say to myself "is that all?" regarding the non-response.
      not sure of the direction i go, be it through the tunnels in front of me, or another direction.
      so far, from what i have seen, these tunnels have been abandoned for at least 100 years.
      and yet, the condition of them, makes them looks quite fresh.
      wherever i go, i end up in what is a classroom.
      this is surprising.
      not so much that it exists, but what i see.
      there are three people in here.
      one of them is a woman.
      of the two men, i know one of them.
      he is a tall man, and his name is Lee.
      he is from a weekly mens group that meets at a local church.
      he is standing at a square wooden table, making something from wood or from some other material.
      the woman is seated at the table, to the left of Lee.
      no idea who she is.
      she looks about 40+ and has longish grey hair.
      the other man, to the left of the woman, opp Lee, i barely see, due to light.
      there is light getting in from somewhere.
      Lee talks to me.
      not sure what he says, though i do hear something.
      its definitely English, and not some indecipherable wording.
      perhaps its banter.
      i hardly know him, but even so.
      him talking to me is not surprising.
      what is surprising, is, given that the tunnels have been abandoned, and haven't been used for at least 100 years, Lee is wearing a full body bandage.
      its been wrapped around and up his legs, up his torso, up and around his arms, and up and over his head.
      i can see his eyes.
      it guess its like that of Lazarus.
      his eyes are black, and possibly like that of marbles.
      either i touch him to ensure he is alive, or i touch him to ensure he is solid and not hollow.
      or my arms brushes past him.
      he is definitely solid, and seems to be very alive, despite his dead appearance.
      i guess his mouth is uncovered, even though i don't entirely know what he is saying, despite the the clear clarity of his words.
      it seems to me, that lee doesn't know that this area, has been abandoned for over 100 years.
      why he is still here, making something, is rather puzzling.
      has he not been outside?
      or is he wearing the bandaging intentionally?
      the other two people seem to be wearing actual clothes.
      i keep my distance from Lee, being about one metre.
      i step around the table, so that i won't be affected by him, not that he is gross.
      so i decide to leave.
      i tell him i have to go.
      as i step out, he asks me will i be back.
      thats about the only part i understand from him.
      i say to him "i'll see you later", though not sure i really want to.
      so i leave, and upon stepping outside, i see that it is daytime, and that i am in "current" times.
      looking to my right, an Asian woman walks past me, from my right, to my left.
      maybe i am in Sydney.
      where i am, looks to be a mall, or some CBD area.
      then the dream ends.

      any questions or comments ?
    10. Me, Being A Floater ..

      by , 06-07-2021 at 11:54 AM
      Dream From Dec 5 '19:
      it is late afternoon, possibly a cloud blocking the sun.
      the location is Mitchell Street, out the front of the old Westdale house.
      not sure i have stepped out of the house, to be outside, or am already outside.
      so i step onto Mitchell Street, onto the south of it.
      Eli L, from church, and possibly one other male, is with me.
      not sure i do from a standing start, or take a couple of steps, but i do take off from the ground, and begin floating, in a reclined posture.
      i go east, towards Evans Street.
      Eli smiles, or even laughs, as he tries to do the same.
      the other guy walks on the road, below us, with us.
      my ability to float, seems quite easy.
      i get to Evans Street, and then turn right and go south along it.
      Eli and the other guy, seem to disappear from the dream, when i get to Evans Street.
      as i go along Evans Street, a woman sees what i am doing, and is somewhat excited, or enthralled that i am capable of floating.
      she briefly walks with me, for about one or two metres.
      i don't know her, or see much of her.
      then Paul sees me.
      i float close to him, as he walks with me as well.
      im floating high enough off the ground, that i would have to go a little lower to be able to stand on the road.
      thats something i don't do.
      Paul is with me for what seems to be more than a couple of minutes.
      initially he touches my right hip, with his shoulder, or with his hand.
      thats ok, im fine with that.
      thats probably because he has not seen me float.
      or he touches my leg, or my torso.
      its certainly not inappropriate.
      he does it again, and then possibly a third.
      i ask him to stop it, and then try to keep a small gap between us so he doesn't do it again.
      he does stop it, and then i have to forgive him for doing so.
      and then he has his left arm, stretched out in front of him.
      despite floating close to him, i want to stay away from him, so that we don't touch.
      and then have to forgive him, yet again.
      his facial expression is a tad serious, or that of deadpan.
      i also have to "scoop" with my hands, to keep floating, and go from one side of Evans to the other and back again, to stay afloat.
      then Paul disappears as well.
      thats a relief.
      then, at about where the house is, where that Luke N lived, i see another woman, on the road below me.
      she looks like the woman from the Woolies xmas add, who picks a piece of fruit from the tree.
      she is also excited to see me floating.
      she is keen to join me, albeit that she walks.
      my floating continues for a little bit longer and then seems to end.
      i don't even get close to Gunnedah Road.
      well, i may still be floating, when i see a piece of paper, with "cells" on it, like that of an excel spreadsheet.
      it must be an a4 page, with three folds in it, horizontal.
      not sure the number of cells, but they are coloured, and have an alternating pattern.
      there are grey cells, and yellow cells.
      there are some words, and numbers in the cells, which have been typed.
      and not that i require permission to float, which i don't, but the impression that i get, looking at the paper, is something to do with permission, for something.
      and i do see something about L23 printed in one of the cells.
      apparently i have to put my signature somewhere on the piece of paper, which i don't.
      well, i don't get to do so before the dream end.
      this may be about me being a "floater" in dreams.

      any comments or questions ?
    11. Asking About A Woman ..

      by , 06-07-2021 at 05:57 AM
      Dream From Aug 12 '19:
      the location is that of a pub-like place, like that of Crown and Anchor, or even the Sydney Junction Hotel.
      i'm already standing at the counter.
      i look to my left, at the woman who is at the counter.
      her arms are up, at the tap of one of the drinks, as she pours a drink.
      further to my left, is the kitchen.
      she is wearing, a shirt of some sort.
      anyway, i ask her, about one of the other young women who works there.
      i'm there to enquire about a woman who works there.
      i don't know her name but i have seen her there before.
      is she there today, does she work there at all?
      the woman at the counter seems a bit, disinterested in wanting to answer my questions.
      although i have a dry throat, its not because of her attitude or vibe towards me.
      i do need a drink regardless.
      i don't get a drink.
      the young woman doesn't answer my question.
      and the other women staff who are there, don't really seem interested either.
      as for who the woman is, whom i'm asking about, i don't know who she is.
      she could be like that Nisa woman i spoke to at 3 bears that time.
      well, i don't get anywhere with my enquiry.
      then the dream ends.

      any comments or questions ?
    12. Elevator To Floor 52 ..

      by , 06-07-2021 at 04:58 AM
      Dream From Aug 8 '19:
      the location or setting is that of inside an elevator.
      where this elevator is, in regards to a building, i have no idea.
      i step into it, and pressed 52, for floor 52.
      and i press that number, not giving it any thought.
      another male is with me, (possibly Matt H)
      apparently the elevator is see - through, because i look down at the floor, and can see it going up the shaft.
      thats not alarming at all.
      it travels fast, from ground floor to the floor i want to get out at.
      thats rather incredible.
      other people do get in the elevator and get out at the floor level they press for.
      the elevator slows down enough, that people can get out, without the elevator not actually stopping.
      then i get out at level 52.
      oh, the lift is doorless.
      well, i get out via the left side of the lift, which, as it turns out, is to my right.
      i was standing with my back to the wall of this lift, but then again, which side, is the front?
      as i get out, i climb over a wooden handrail of some steps.
      well, apart from climbing over the handrail, i certainly got out, the incorrect side.
      plus, there was a computer desk there as well.
      and i see that my mate got out the other side, to join some other folks.
      so, i quickly get back in, before the elevator takes off.
      the lift goes down, and then back up, and i get back out, again at 52.
      this time, i get out the other side.
      again i have to climb over the handrail.
      and then i can join those folks for a music course.
      the female teacher apparently forgot about me being part of this group, but she is glad i'm there all the same.
      yeah, great, good for her.
      i have no idea who she is.
      she does ask me, did i watch a show on telly, as prep for the class/subject.
      and i have no idea what the show is either.
      well no i haven't.
      a few of the others haven't either.
      well, i did try to watch the show, but couldn't because of time (too late at night or something like that).
      then a piece of white a4 paper, is handed to me by her, or handed to me by one of the other folks.
      she asks me about the treble cleft and what it does.
      i speak my answer (whatever it is i say).
      sometime after that the dream ends.

      any comments or questions ?
    13. A Drawing ..

      by , 06-07-2021 at 04:53 AM
      Dream From Aug 7 '19:
      Dream 4:
      the location is Newcastle TAFE.
      i'm in class, or supposed to be, when the female teacher leaves the room to go to the staff room.
      she has gone to the staff room, with a wheelchair bound student, because the student has drawn a picture which the teacher likes.
      why not look at the picture, in class?
      so, i follow them, with the other students, to the staff room.
      apparently some of the other students can join the teacher and the student.
      although i'm supposedly not to permitted to join, i do get to see the drawing, through a partition wall.
      well, i do enter the staff room, but the area that the teacher has, is blocked by a partition wall.
      and i get a glimpse of the picture.
      its a (grey) pencil drawing, of some cartoon characters, or of some fantasy characters.
      i walk away after saying "pffft, is that all?"
      then the dream ends.
      why the secrecy?

      any comments or questions ?
    14. Stella Has A Boyfriend ..

      by , 06-07-2021 at 04:42 AM
      Dream From Aug 5 '19:
      it is daytime; a bright sunny day, pre-spring.
      the location is out the front of my nelson street address.
      i'm standing on the grass, between the footpath and the kerb.
      i'm looking south, so the kerb is to my left.
      there is a car parked in the kerb.
      it could be a black 4wd; i can see the left front and left back passenger doors, from the corner of my left eye.
      standing in front of me, a couple of steps from me, is Kayla - Rose, the daughter of Stella P.
      Stella is to my right.
      both are facing me.
      the car could belong to Stella, or its mine, or it belongs to someone else.
      the two of them are already standing there in front of me, so i don't see them arrive.
      nor do i know prior to this, that they are coming.
      Kayla says something me to, and then says that her mum Stella, will be hanging out with her boyfriend, after they have visited me.
      i can see Kayla standing in front of me, but she is very much a blur.
      i begin to laugh, and then continue laughing, so much so that i bend over forward.
      and laugh for a few minutes.
      not sure i say it, but i do wonder, what happened to Cameron (Stella's husband), for Stella to have a boyfriend?
      then after i stop laughing i look at Stella.
      she isn't toe to toe close to me, but i do see her face really clearly; her head looks big, even though she is about one step from me.
      wow her face is so clear to me.
      and her eyes are green (does she actually have green eyes).
      she does look younger than her actual age.
      Stella doesn't say anything.
      or she does and i don't hear it, or even recall it.
      then the dream ends.

      any comments or questions ?
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