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    Not Wanting The Covid Jab ..

    by , 09-27-2021 at 02:41 AM (643 Views)
    Dream From Sept 4 '21:
    Have entered a room, of what appears to be inside a doctor's place.
    The room is large, could be rectangular or oblong.
    It's about the square footage measurement, of a standard ground floor house.
    I'm there for an apparent appointment.
    Also maybe a fit drowsy or a bit fatigued from walking to this place.
    I don't see myself arrive, only enter it, from right of screen.
    The floor is white carpet.
    So, I sit on a set of white tiles, which are in the middle of the floor.
    The tiles are set, as a rectangular grid, of about 3 x 3, (large rectangular tiles going away from screen), or a bigger grid, perhaps 4 x 5.
    I face a wall, which is in front of me, and parallel to screen.
    My knees are raised.
    Not sure what i am there for, but for something, something medical.
    To my right, in front of the wall, a few steps from me, is a reception desk, and a woman standing behind it.
    She is looking at me, and smiling.
    Her face is a blur.
    She could be smiling, to be friendly, or she could be smiling, because she knows what is happening.
    To my left, is a male doctor, who is standing at a desk or something, which is a few steps from me.
    It's parallel to the long side of the grid.
    He is wearing a white doctor's uniform.
    I am wearing a short sleeved tee.
    Without asking me, he injects a syringe into my left arm, with what is probably a Covid jab.
    That's not what I am there for.
    so I stand up, rather frustrated by what has happened.
    With my hands clasped, I gently hit my forehead with my two thumb knuckles.
    In between my hands is a black tv remote.
    Oh, why did the doctor inject me?
    I didn't ask for it, nor did I want it.
    And than, what seems to be a bit later, because of that Covid jab, I can socialise with other people.
    Yeah, great, not!
    one person could be John W, and inside what could be a bar or club (a bit like the Kent in Hamilton, with a wooden counter area).

    Any questions or comments?
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    1. IndigoRose's Avatar
      If it isn't too personal, does it reflect your view on the covid jabs? Maybe that they are pushed by authorities too much, not feeling like making a really free choice etc.? Or fears that the vaccine could become mandatory or de-facto mandatory?
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    2. aussiemusician's Avatar
      Thanks Indigo for responding.
      It's not too personal to ask.
      it probably does reflect my view, though, this dream is several months after this nonsense started.
      and what the state government's as well as the federal government here in Australia has been saying, really amazes me.
      the absolute foolishness.
      thankfully i can "say" that on this forum/platform, and not in a public platform, such as social media.
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