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    A Revelation ..

    by , 06-15-2021 at 01:44 PM (64 Views)
    Dream From Aug 26 '14:
    it is daytime.
    the location could be an industrial area, or an out of town area.
    it reminds me of Carrington, being Cowper Street, towards Bourke Street.
    the road is straight, and is smooth bitumen.
    im standing on the south side, which is kerbless.
    all of Cowper is kerbed, but in this, its kerbless on the south side, which doesn't surprised me.
    im facing south, so, where i am standing, i look to my left, which is east - see drawing.
    there are two side streets, the first one, being a few metres away from me.
    the other street, is further still.
    on my side of the road, is a police 4wd.
    it ends up in the furtherest street from me.
    the odd part, is that i don't see the 4wd do any turn, from my side, to the side street.
    it just, ends up in that side street.
    i see the left side of the 4wd, where its parked near the corner.
    it has the alternating blue and white pattern.
    then this repeats, but this time, the 4wd is in the side street, which is closest to me.
    what is that about?
    there could be, or is, a bullbar on the front of the 4wd.
    and, it could be a Toyota, or other "make".
    when i see it the second time, i think or know that the police are gonna wanna know what im doing.
    next thing i know, a policeman is talking to me.
    he is the copper, from nowhere boys.
    and im with the boys from that same tv show.
    the policeman doesn't interrogate us, he just asks what we are doing, and then he leaves.
    so, there i am with the boys from that show.
    we are discussing or trying to figure out what we are doing there and the how what when and why of this situation.
    it takes us awhile but i think we reach an agreeable conclusion.
    what i see is this:
    along the side of this straight road, in the grass or ground, is an abandoned rail line.
    although i don't quite see their faces of the boys, i know its them.
    about where i am standing, under the rail line and in the ground, is a section of grey fine pieces of gravel.
    to my left, there is a wooden cover over the rail line; its like that wooden section in the rectangular rock things along the foreshore - see drawing.
    this cover is either over the rail line or its part of the rail line, causing the rail line to be raised up off the ground.
    what i don't see, is the train track to my right.
    as we discuss this situation, i seem to have a flashback in regards to what happened prior to us being here.
    so in this flashback, its daytime.
    im in the backyard of the Belmore Street Salvos premises and facing the back of the house.
    on the ground, is a small soccer goal frame, which is about one foot high and one foot wide.
    it looks odd.
    and there is a goal keeper in front of it.
    im sure i see two rectangular boxes, joined together at one end.
    they are on the grass to my right.
    although i dont see it happen, i kick a soccer ball into the goal.
    and thats because i have the opportunity to do so.
    other than that kick, the score isn't known, til later in the dream.
    not really sure what the boxes are on the ground for.
    as for the goal keeper, he looks dressed like a hockey goalie.
    and he is wearing green trousers.
    and then back to the rail line.
    so, i look down into the gravel section.
    are there some piece of glass in there, or are some of the gravel pieces reflecting the sun?
    somehow, that goal scene makes it into our explanation.
    not that i see, but those two cardboard boxes could be in the gravel section.
    one of the boys says that his team lost to my team 20 - 19.
    really ?
    this is the first i knew of that.
    there was only myself and the other guy, in my team.
    well, whoever was in the team, with that goal keeper in the team, i dont know.
    the guys are standing on both sides of the track.
    then i look up to my left, past this train track to a roadside boundary fence.
    its flyscreen material.
    as i look at fence i see the girlfriend of the asian guy from the the show.
    her friend or both her and her friend, are nearby.
    then i look at flyscreen fence.
    on the other side of the fence, on the inside boundary of the property, is the woman from go girls, on nitv.
    she is the slim one.
    despite not seeing her face clearly, i know which actress she is.
    she maybe wearing denim jeans, not that i see down that far on her, a black singlet, and blonde hair.
    her upper arms are up, inline with her shoulders and her hands are on the fence, like that of grabbing or holding onto a chainlink fence.
    although standing straight, i see her at an angle across her.
    she is talking to someone on my side of the fence, but i don't know who the person is, that she is talking to.
    one of her legs is straight, and supporting her, whereas the other is relaxed.
    she is saying something as she has her face against the flyscreen mesh.
    apparently she can get through the fence, by morphing, without cutting herself, damaging her body, or without dying from doing so.
    then she leans back, and as though dared, she then morphs through the fence from her side to my side.
    she starts to do it.
    i don't wince, but i have to look away.
    does she complete it?
    how would a person morph through a mesh fence like that, without being breaking it, or without causing damage, or death, to ones own body?
    i look back at train line, and continue to listen to any plausible explanation for us being there.
    then i look at the wooden cover.
    then, without any warning, i see a young woman step up from gravel and onto wooden cover.
    she steps from the section of train track to my right, but i look and don't see where she came from.
    as she steps up from gravel to the cover, i have a revelation, a flashback, or an epiphany.
    the woman is 20 something. shorter than me, and slim.
    she is wearing denim jeans, a white short sleeved tee.
    i only see the back of her, and have no idea who she is.
    as i get the revelation, i see behind her a round thing of rainbow colours - see drawing.
    amazed by this, i put my hands to my head.
    i think the revelation, albeit a split second, is that of how we got there but its not as i thought it had happened.
    in the revelation, its shown differently and makes sense.
    it was brief enough that i got it.
    the dream ends after that.

    any comments or questions ?


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