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    Riding Motorbike, In Record Time ...

    by , 06-15-2021 at 01:29 PM (206 Views)
    Dream From July 5 '14:
    the setting of this dream is like that of a computer game.
    im controlling a motorbike in a race.
    my view is of behind the bike.
    the race hasn't started yet.
    it is a night time race and there are lights on.
    the location is a bridge, like that of Sydney Harbour.
    not sure of a grid start like that of the v8 races or the motorbikes, but i do know that im at the front, behind the first few riders.
    i don't see any green lights for us to begin the race.
    i think we just take off.
    i take off so fast that i hit most riders in front of me.
    on the screen, near the top left corner is a digital display of the time, and other numerical information.
    because i have taken off so fast and have gotten out in front of everyone, apparently i have "smashed" a few record times, which are in the game.
    that wasn't my intention, and i;m kind of oblivious to the records in the game.
    the digital information, is gold in colour.
    there are three or more rows, all under each other.
    the top row is overall time.
    the second row could be time, albeit the time that separates me from the other riders.
    and the third row, is prizemoney.
    there is a maximum of 6 digits per row.
    the bike im on, is like that of Mick Doohan's.
    by hitting and getting past those riders in front of me, i have apparently done it so quick, that i break timing records at the start.
    and, for doing so, earning what is also a record amount of prizemoney.
    the actual size of the digits is small, but large enough to see it, but big enough not to be distracted by it.
    maybe an 11 or 12 size font.
    i keep riding and do so at such a speed that the bridge itself, the lights and graphics flash past me.
    i get to the end of the bridge and turn around in one movement to my left to do another lap.
    this movement is like that of my hand holding the bike and physically turning, like that of playing with Lego, without letting go of it.
    the scene ends after i turn around.
    next, i see this same bike.
    the location is the path, similar to that of Timbumburi Creek, down the hill from the high school.
    it is evening, and some nearby lights are on.
    i'm up the hill from the creek, but on my way down the path to the creek.
    this time, i ride down the path as fast as i can.
    without falling off i hit other riders who are stationary on the bridge.
    again, i smash some records and collect a stack of prizemoney.
    i go a further metre or two along the path, and then the dream ends.

    any comments or questions ?

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    1. Lang's Avatar
      How do you feel when beat the record or how did this dream make you feel?
    2. aussiemusician's Avatar
      well, im sure this dream, was related to leaving my previous church.
      part of that also included a young woman whom i liked, which wasn't reciprocated by her.
      so, i had to forget about her, fairly quickly, hence the record time.
      i didn't include the attraction to the woman, in the dream for this forum, because it was a little bit irrelevant.
      or it was for my reference only.
      beating the record wasn't intentional, it happened as a result of what had to be done.