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    Roofless House, And Boat ..

    by , 06-10-2021 at 12:30 PM (20 Views)
    Dream From May 19 '14:
    the setting is that of a rectangular shaped house, which i am in.
    its parallel to what i think is Evans Street, opposite where Kane N lived.
    i'm inside, facing the Evans Street/Mitchell Street corner.
    what i notice, is that the ceiling looks like its night time, so no moon, only stars.
    so does that mean i can see the sky, without there being a roof on this house?
    well that is interesting.
    whether that should be strange or not, i don't know.
    that means, this house is in darkness (not negative), although thats not entirely true.
    there are some lights on.
    i'm in what looks like a kitchen (the Westdale one?) and i see a traffic light sitting on the bench, near the laundry door.
    i go past it and see the yellow light.
    the green, and the red light may not be on.
    so, i leave the kitchen and go into another room.
    although i'm already there, i think ive been invited to a party.
    there are fairy lights on the walls, along the skirting boards near the floor.
    only a few of the lights are on.
    although i don't see anyone, in person, i think jie is here.
    possibly my lady, and a few other people as well.
    i think a party is about to start, or happen.
    there doesn't appear to be any drugs, alcohol, other such substances.
    from the kitchen, i go into another room, which i noticed earlier.
    then i try to go into another room.
    there is a stained glass door in the hallway/walkway, that i walk through
    so, i decide to leave, because i'm agitated or uncomfortable, because of what i think is about to happen.
    ironically, i don't stay to see what happens; maybe i should've.
    there isn't a negative vibe.
    maybe i am just being insecure, for no reason.
    then outside, i, walking, when i stop at the Evans/Mitchell Street intersection.
    i look up Mitchell Street, from at the corner.
    although i can't i could still visit the old house.
    strangely enough, i see to my left, facing the Mitchell Street park, and parked on the corner of the hobby farm, on a boat trailer is a boat.
    its a boat, with windows at the front, which are on the side of the side of it.
    there is a piece of paper on one window, on the right hand side, as i look to my left, at it.
    it still night time, and a street light is on, above the boat.
    thats another irony as there is no pole there; there is an exposed corner gutter, which i don't think has been covered, as yet.
    the trailer is parked on gravel on the edge of Evans Street, with the jockey wheel near the gutter at the corner.
    i though the piece of a4 paper, which is plain, white and horizontal, was a "for sale" sign, for the boat, or not for the boat.
    in hindsight, i don't recall seeing any such writing on the piece of paper.
    there could be a frilly red coloured border around the edge of the piece of paper.
    the top half of the boat is white; is it fibreglass?
    the bottom half is wood (brown) or something.
    am only walking past boat, and not jogging.
    did i see the boat earlier in the dream, or do i think i did, when i didn't see, or was there a reference to the boat earlier in the dream?
    it seems familiar, and i dunno why.
    it was a spoken reference nor a written reference.

    any comments or questions ?

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