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    Salvo's Garage ..

    by , 07-14-2021 at 05:40 AM (102 Views)
    Dream From Feb 15 '14:
    it is day.
    the location is the driveway of the rear hall of the Belmore Street Salvos.
    im opposite the rear hall, with the carpark fence behind me.
    i look to my left and see the old garage.
    the garage has two roller doors, even though it may actually only have one.
    the roller door on my side is shut, and in its position.
    the roller door on the yard side of the garage is pushed back and has a flat concrete square verandah in front of it.
    there are chairs and tables, from a cafe, on the verandah.
    the verandah is fenced.
    people could be playing on the grass.

    any comments or questions ?


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