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    Seeing Women In Their Units ..

    by , 07-14-2021 at 05:21 AM (56 Views)
    Dream From Jan 6 '14:
    it is day, though overcast.
    that's not odd for January, but Newcastle can be tropical.
    the location is the public housing units in Hamilton South, in Fowler Street, at the Beaumont Street end.
    im outside, at the letterbox, or near the steps that lead to unit 1, and the other units in block 6.
    the weather, being overcast, is like that of winter, in the middle of summer.
    in the ground, between the block of where unit 1 is, and the block where my unit is, there is a garden.
    the garden is parallel to fowler street.
    looking at the garden, the design of it, is like an iced vovo biscuit.
    as i look west, fowler street is to my left, and beaumont street is behind me.
    there are flowers, vegies, or something else growing in the garden.
    as for the garden bed, i can't see it.
    there is a soaker hose to my right, and there is water from it, going onto the garden towards fowler.
    although im standing away from the garden, at the east end of it, the garden doesn't get my attention.
    the hose gets my attention.
    there could be a thin/narrow concrete path, between the two rows of the garden.
    as for what is being grown in the garden, it could be flowers or vegie, or something else, but not sure what.
    where i am, im out the front of unit 13.
    although overcast, im not really sure why the hose is on, and watering the garden.
    as for who put the hose there and turned it on, i don't know; it wasn't me.
    what i do know, is that i want to run through the water.
    as for any drizzle, i can't smell any, nor do i feel any.
    well, i don't run through the water, because my cell phone could in my left hand, though i could put it away or turn it.
    something is in my left hand.
    well, i have something separately, in both hands.
    there is a basketball in my right hand, and i grip it like that of the NBA.
    because of the two items, i don't want to run through the water, and get my phone wet.
    well, i may end up going through the water, to get it out of my system, though i don't recall doing that.
    and i don't recall getting wet.
    regardless, i do see the garden from unit 13.
    so, i raise my right hand, and see the basketball there, attached to my fingertips.
    and then i decide to check out the other unit blocks.
    so, i go past block 6, towards darling street, which is to my right, and north.
    to my right, is a section of grass that leads towards darling street.
    the grass is like that of a corridor between buildings, and is about 10 metres long, by 2 metres wide, going away from me.
    so, while walking the corridor, i bounce the basketball.
    while doing so, i do a left handed lay up, against one of the brick walls of either building.
    "oh well" for anyone who is bothered by me doing that.
    after the lay up, i look into a unit, to my left, along this corridor.
    the unit is ground floor.
    not sure a door is open, or whether a window is open, because i can see a young woman in her bed, with a blanket or quilt over her.
    can only see the back of her, and she is on her right side.
    her light is off, but seeing her in bed, is odd, due to the time.
    and i can't hear her sleeping.
    the woman is not known to me.
    the quilt or blanket design, looks like a blue pattern.
    given the lack of light, i can see her quite well.
    maybe she is sick, or sleeping it off.
    so it must be that i have accidently seen her.
    her mattress is in a frame.
    she is a few metres from me, but close enough.
    so i continue walking.
    in another unit, to my left, which i can see inside, because another door or window is open.
    there is another young woman, sitting on her bed, studying, with her feet on the floor.
    a bedside table light is on, which is to her left.
    she is, or could be studying with a laptop, on a small wheeled table.
    she is of course, sitting, facing to my right, though i see her right side and almost the front of her.
    could be wearing pjs.
    she is a few metres from me, but close enough.
    the woman doesn't see me, or wouldn't know that im outside and can see her.
    and so, i keep going.
    and i can see inside another unit, which is like the one im in.
    there is mattress like mine.
    there is no bed sheet on it, but there is a pillow, at the head end.
    a blanket or quilt is on it, but as a pile.
    perhaps the bed is not made properly by the tenant.
    looking to my right there is a bed side table or a chest of drawers.
    the mattress though has my attention, as to why the bedsheet isn't under the pillow.
    then i leave from there, and away from the direction of darling street, back towards my unit.
    as i step back along this corridor, from that mattress unit, i see there is a stove on the grass.
    the stove is upright, and on an angle.
    its to my right as i go past it.
    according to the top switches, the red light is on and one of the hot plates is on.
    strangely none of the flour hotplates are one, nor are the covers.
    and there is no smell.
    the grill and oven are both shut.
    somehow, this stove is plugged into a lead outside from somewhere.
    thats a puzzling.
    why is a stove outside, and why is it plugged in, to a power lead?
    and im the only person who can see this, so i can't ask anyone.
    there is a brick wall of a unit, to my left.
    i dont take another step back towards my unit, because the scene changes.
    next, im fishing over a concrete pipe, in a small creek near a small bridge.
    it is day.
    this could at the Peel river, along Scott Road, near the velodrome.
    using a rod, i bring up a small muddy looking eel.
    the eel is about the length of my hand.
    then i see that im in dad's boat, with him.
    it is day.
    we are both near the front hull.
    dad is to my left, and im facing left.
    we are sitting, almost hip to hip.
    the seat could be a bench seat.
    my legs aren't crossed.
    the water where we are, is clear, with a green tinge.
    where we are, is not known, nor is the depth of the water.
    im holding a fishing rod, which is red, and regular length.
    so i let the line down into the water, as i hold the spool piece.
    on my line, or on the hook, is a really small caramel coloured cube with the yy pattern on it.
    dad has already lowered his line in, which i don't see him do.
    so i hold the line with my finger, at the spool.
    i let the line go down further, before bringing it back up.
    the water depth is still not known.
    so i lower the line again.
    with his left hand, dad helps me with the spool.
    what, like i don't know how?
    i say to him "you teach me, surprisingly!"
    then i lower the line again.
    this time im puzzled.
    either, my bike is on the line as i let the line down, or bring the line back up, with the bike attached to the hook.
    it attached via a cable between the seat and the handle bar.
    so, i turn the rod to my left, and lower the bike into the boat, like that of netting a fish.
    and do so in front of dad, who doesn't object to me doing that.
    how does the bike fit in the boat?
    dream ends.

    any comments or questions ?

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