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    Swimming Won By Me ..

    by , 06-10-2021 at 12:26 PM (19 Views)
    Dream From May 11 '14:
    the setting is that of a swimming pool.
    its 100 metres long, and 25 metres wide.
    not sure the pool is indoor, or whether its outdoor, which means there may or may not be lights on.
    the pool maybe an olympic one, or that of a suburban complex.
    so, i'm either gonna be in a race, or am about to do laps for my own interest.
    can see the lane ropes at the surface of the water.
    initially, i don't see myself doing any swimming.
    and, apparently there are other people here as well.
    i know there are other people, because, for what is my final lap, i stand up at one end, which could be the shallow end, and decide to walk to the other end, rather quickly.
    i do that, to "win".
    so it must be that i have done at least one lap before i do that.
    then, as i walk on the surface of the water, below me, in the water, is a woman.
    it seems i have stepped on her, to walk past her.
    its only when she grabs hold of my right heel, that i know she is there.
    when she grabs me, i hear her let out a groan, like a sigh.
    and because of that, bubble may make it to the surface.
    so, i get to the other end, where the starting blocks are.
    one of the officials, is there to greet me.
    what i don't do, is stand there and celebrate my win, because i'm not so sure i have actually won.
    so i clench my fists, as though happy, and have a modest celebration.
    then that same woman, stands in front of me, and tells me what she said when i stepped on and over her.
    she starts to, or is about to say what it was, but she doesn't utter the words to me.
    maybe she wants to.
    is she my lady?
    despite standing right in front of me, and so closely, she is a blur.
    or i can see her face, but its not clear to me, or i don't recognise her.

    any comments or questions ?

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