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    Thanking China ..

    by , 11-24-2021 at 06:08 AM (160 Views)
    Dream From Nov 4 '21:
    Not sure where this occurs, but i am walking across a road, with back to screen.
    On the other side of the road, is a rectangular table, parallel to the screen.
    There are two men sitting at the table, who are conducting trivia.
    i step past them, so they are to my left.
    i continue past them, because i see a robot, like that of the r2d2, in the background.
    It's got a white body, and a blue head.
    In the front of head, is that of a metal slot, or mail slot, as seen in front doors in america (everbody loves raymond).
    An unknown woman is with me, to my left.
    As we get closer to this robot, i begin to clap it, sarcastically.
    Or, after seeing the robot, i step to my left and walk that way, away from the robot, and see another one.
    As i walk away, i clap sarcastically, and say out "thanks China" for the covid nonsense.
    So i walk past the wall, which is to my right and up a minor ramp.

    Any questions or comments?

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