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    Woman And Disappearing Door ..

    by , 06-15-2021 at 01:32 PM (54 Views)
    Dream From July 25 '14:
    the start of this has a computer game vibe, or look about it.
    that may not be the best way to describe it, but its what comes to mind.
    the start is brief, and even then, i only see enough to get a decent description.
    the exact location is not specified.
    the setting is indoors, in a house.
    the interior walls have green wallpaper or a patterned green wallpaper.
    its like that of the original sims game.
    the green is a yucky green colour, like that of seaweed or something.
    instead of being part of the scene, im "outside looking in".
    what i can see, is there are a few people inside the place.
    there are perhaps 10, or 20 folks.
    i don't know them.
    they are there for a party, or a gathering to celebrate a birthday or something else.
    other than that, i do know that a woman wants to, needs to, or does leave this gathering to do something.
    then i see her outside where i am.
    she walks past me to another dwelling that has three or four concrete steps up to it.
    a piece of paper falls to the ground behind her.
    she is wearing a knee length black dress.
    she is a slim woman, and i only see the back of her.
    as she goes up the steps there is a handrail on her left, and then a vernadah/porch to her left from the handrail, with the handrail going along it, towards the left of screen.
    the woman is 20s or 30s.
    did she drop the piece of paper or did it fall out of her hand?
    does she know that the piece of paper has fallen to the ground?
    she doesn't stop for it, or look back at it.
    i guess she is oblivious to it.
    as for the ground, it looks like grass with snow or some white material on it.
    i dont feel any cold in the dream, and i don't see any snow falling.
    so, its either snow, or some other white material material covering all of the ground.
    as she goes up the steps, i grab the piece of paper to give to her.
    im not slow, but im not quick enough to get the piece of paper to her.
    as i go for the piece of paper, i sense another male, to my left.
    just as im about to give her the piece of paper, at the top of the steps, she turns right into, or through a door which then disappears into the wall as a secret passageway.
    the wall looks concrete with a design on it and could be from europe.
    i feel the wall for the doorway.
    there is absolutely no evidence of a doorway being there.
    this scene repeats a second time.
    this second time, i see, where the door would be, is a metal hole, in line with the door handle.
    the hole is about one inch diameter and it sticks out of the wall a bit.
    even with the paper in my hand, i don't think i put it in the hole.
    then the third and final time.
    as with the first time, the door disappears, as does the hole.
    that guy who i sensed, well, he joins me and stands to my left, with the steps to my right.
    he puts the piece of white paper, which is dl size, into the hole.
    despite being now a circle, the piece of paper does join as a complete circle.
    and the piece of paper sticks out a bit as well.
    with the paper now in the hole, i see a dog like door in the door at about shin height.
    the paper has caused it to open.
    im not close enough for it to hit my legs.
    it does open outwards.
    the door is square and made of wood.
    the hinges are on the steps side.
    the other guy and i, or just me, don't go inside through this door, but i think i do get to see inside.
    and not that i do get to go inside, or see any of it, from where i am.

    any comments or questions ?

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