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    Woman At Waratah Platform ..

    by , 06-15-2021 at 01:40 PM (75 Views)
    Dream From Aug 4 '14:
    its daytime.
    the location is chemist/pharmacy, possibly like the one in Cardiff, at the corner of Harrison and Thomas Street.
    the lights are on, but i don't see myself enter it.
    while im lookin supposedly looking for some medication, be it as a bottle or as tablets, i see a woman who i once liked.
    whether she was Rach McC, or another woman, i don't know for sure.
    and there is another woman as well; i see both briefly.
    while looking for the medicine, i hear a song from the ceiling speakers.
    its Dive, Jesus freak, Supernatural, or another DC Talk song.
    its not loud, but i can hear it.
    just inside the entrance, near an aisle, is a white square wooden box thing, on wheels.
    it could be one of those bargain bins, with medicines and other health stuff in it.
    the woman is standing on the other side of the box from me, and facing me.
    she is singing along with the song.
    she is wearing a pair of brownish coloured trousers, like the black ones that i have, which are microfibre.
    i can see the outer hem as well.
    she is slim, about my stature.
    and also wearing a white tee shirt, without a collar.
    her top is covered by a brown or fawn coloured jacket thing, which is unbuttoned, so that the white tee can be seen.
    she is brunette.
    her face is a little clear to me.
    the other woman, related to her, or is a friend of hers.
    because the woman is singing, i ask her does she write songs.
    she nods.
    i think to sign her, so i leave the chemist/pharmacy.
    then i see that im at Waratah train platform on the Newcastle bound side.
    it is daytime.
    im on the path near the overpass bridge, and step onto the platform.
    to do that would actually be illegal.
    i walk along the platform towards the walk bridge.
    that same woman from the chemist, is sitting on a bench seat, to my right.
    that bench seat is close to the steps of the foot bridge, but close to that small brick building, which is used for something.
    upon seeing her, i turn to my right, bend my knee slightly, and excitedly give her the signal, for a goal in afl.
    she is smiling and happy.
    she is sitting on the middle of the bench seat, because two other females are to her left, and to her right.
    one female could be or is her mother.
    the other female is a girl.
    giving her the AFL signal gets her attention, because the other two were vying for her attention.
    so i keep walking towards the foot bridge.
    i don't get close enough to it, to step up it.
    and i don't know where else i would go.
    so, i walk back along the platform.
    now that woman is to my left.
    as i get to the end of the seat, at the foot bridge end, the girl is standing, trying to get on the seat.
    so i nervously give her a right hand wave to my left at about elbow level.
    and turn my head slightly to my left to see her.
    she is still happy to see me, and only smiles.
    there is no reciprocation of the AFL signal, or hand wave.
    i head for that overpass bridge, and step off to where i started.
    and i wait.
    i want to go back and talk to her or at least give her my phone number.
    and im about where the footpath of overpass is, where i can see the train tracks.
    i look along the track to the walk bridge.
    an oscar train is slowly arriving to the platform.
    its on the west side of the walk bridge.
    the train is red and yellow.
    before i go back to her, i keep waiting.
    and probably wait a tad too long before i go back.
    and apparently i have a backpack on me, which i look in.
    in it, is a red front cover exercise book, which i use to write my notes in, from gencity.
    and, there is a white booklet, like the one novacare has.
    then i go back to her.
    im back on the platform.
    upon getting to her, with the bench seat to my right, i get on my knees.
    and i can't get any paper out fast enough, to write something for her.
    the train is getting closer.
    so i get a page of paper out of the exercise book.
    and write my phone number for her.
    i do it twice, because there is a red 3d box at top of the page, and, because of writing on the other side of page, opposite of where i write my number.
    i rip the paper from the book, and give it to her, just as she gets up and boards the train.
    but i don't look up at her, as she boards the train.
    did i ask her for her number, because i look in my notebook for it.
    or did she give me a piece of paper with her number on it, that she dropped in my possession as she boarded ?
    does she say her mother approves of me, as a boyfriend?
    the page that i find, is set out as follows:
    her name (sarah?)
    28/occupation, not given.
    text here.
    text here/gluten free.
    text here.
    text here.
    text here.
    text here.
    unfortunately, i don't see all thats written; or lose it from memory upon waking.
    some of the text is different colour, such as red or pink.
    and then the dream ends.

    any comments or questions ?



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