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    Young Woman In Back Seat ...

    by , 07-14-2021 at 05:53 AM (130 Views)
    Dream From Feb 15 '14:
    it is day.
    the location is the driveway of the Westdale house.
    not sure i have done anything inside, to then step out the front door, but i see myself on the front path, at the front door, which is where i see the dream continue from.
    from the door, i step to my left, to the driveway.
    there is a vehicle parked on the driveway, the front of car facing the backyard.
    the vehicle is a four door sedan, which is, or could be red.
    the rear left passenger door is open, or i open it.
    the occupants are female.
    the front two occupants, or the driver, is facing the backyard, like that of a character is a computer game.
    from the path, i take a step to the rear left passenger door, without stepping onto the driveway.
    my right knee goes into the car, and onto the backseat.
    and i put both hands on the seat, to support myself.
    my left leg is stretched, behind me, with left foot on path.
    while i'm doing that, i see the occupant who is in the backseat.
    the occupant is a young woman.
    she is sitting on the rear right, turned a little to her left.
    i can see her face, but she otherwise not known to me.
    so i sit on the seat behind the front passenger, on the path side of the car.
    either, the young woman offers me her right hand, or i gently grab hold of her right hand.
    well, whether she offers her hand or not, im holding it.
    its when i hold her hands, that i there is a white ring on her middle finger, that has a tiny fake round ball at the top of it.
    its fake, because it doesn't reflect light.
    with her body turned slightly to her left, her right shoe/foot is pointed to me.
    her shoes are pink and white sneakers, which could be nike, or another brand.
    she is wearing black trousers or slacks, and, is wearing a white singlet/tank top.
    seeing that her hand, is flat in my hand, i kiss her hand gently with my lips, the top or outside of it.
    her hair is shoulder length and brown.
    this unknown woman, is caucasian, and could be a little bit freckled.
    then i look to my right, and out the back window, and see the front lawn of the neighbours house, on the east side.
    not sure why it is i look, nothing there to see that i know.
    or maybe to distract myself a little bit, from this woman.
    or perhaps to pace myself, so i can ask her the next question.
    and my question to her is, what is her age.
    this woman says she is 17.
    oh what?!
    although she does speak to me, i don't hear her voice.
    going by that info, that she is 17, i steadily get out of the car.
    an attractive woman, like her, is 17.
    how is that possible?
    and then the dream ends.

    any comments or questions ?

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