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    WILD double

    by , 10-12-2011 at 02:19 PM (829 Views)
    Well I couldn't get to sleep at all. I went to bed fairly early, but tosses and turned for hours. It was 1:30 (2 and a half hours later) that I guess I fell asleep.
    No dreams during that time, I woke up by my default body clock at 5 for my WBTB. I wasn't feeling up to it so I just lay in bed for that hour.

    I then tosses and turned for another hour, I just couldn't get to sleep, I wasn't tired at all but I was feeling weak.
    Eventually I did lie still and close my eyes, focus my breathing and slipped into a dream

    I was in my back garden, on the sort of barbecue area we have set up. A few of my classmates were there with me, I think we were discussing some homework we had.
    Then my mother handed me a big loaf of bread through the window of our house. When I got a hold of it I got lucid and immediately identified this. I moved around swiftly touching the table and stamping my feet, trying to ground myself. I saw a DC and touched their arm, and when I did they changed into someone I actually knew. I could feel vibrations throughout and my vision was quite clear, except I was in a total rush to try to stabilize, as my other "lucids" have been short and sharp, with no time to stabilize. This seems to have been my downfall as I just lost it a little while after.


    I was on my side in bed, and I looked at my clock, I had been dreaming for 15 minutes, it seemed like a brief pause and then 15 seconds of dreaming. I lay still again, repeated, and I slipped into another dream.

    This time I was in a super market, quite like my local one, except the stock on sale and the colours were wrong. I again tried to quickly stabilize by doing everything that came to mind. This included-
    Running up to a DC and climbing up them to get up onto a shelf, then reaching up to the ceiling panels and removing one, then climbing up into it
    I remember not knowing what to expect, and when I got up there I was looking at some people in a group circle, like rehab or an AA meeting. It looked as bland as the shop did. I then just lost it there


    Sleep for an hour, then I had to get up for school.
    I'm counting the first as a lucid WILD, but not the second, as the second one had less control and was only clinging onto the back end of the 1st one. I'm happy I managed it but not so happy that it happened not as I intended.

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    1. gab's Avatar
      Hi, it sounds to me, that the second dream, you say "was only clinging onto the back end of the 1st one" - was that you have re-entered the dream, when your first one collapsed. I just read AL3ZAY's tutorial "My WBTB Lucid Dreaming Techniques & Tip For Re-Entering A Collapsed Lucid Dream" and it sounds like what he describes?