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    3 Dreams and a full blown lucid!

    by , 09-26-2011 at 05:28 PM (518 Views)
    September 26, 2011

    Went to sleep around 10 attempting to MILD.

    Dream 1: I was at a pool with my dad playing with a bunch of toy boats. My dad had this brilliant idea to make a game that involved a toy boat, a toy helicopter, and various small toy boats. I don't remember the specifics of this game but I remember sitting there talking to him for a while about inventing this. I do remember specifically that we argued for a good amount of time about what color LED's to use

    Dream 2: I was talking to an old friend (haven't talked to him in years) on msn. The whole dream consisted of him and I talking. I remember him telling me about a montage (I used to be into youtube and Call of Duty montages and whatnot) to watch and the montage was amazing. It consisted of all the big names on YouTube coming together in a huge long montage of amazing shots. I also remember him asking me what I was doing and I remember telling him that I was editing dustep. He asked why and to which I replied, "Not everyone has a vast music supply like you, I need to make my own montage music." And the dream ended around there.

    WBTB - I woke up at 3 but couldn't fall back asleep, ended up falling asleep at 4:20. I repeated my mantra almost the whole time.

    Dream 3: I went to work at the Dearborn Inn. I remember thinking in my head, "Why am I coming into work before school?" I was getting everything ready and opening everything up for the day. The next thing I know, I find myself in the catering office goofing around with two people as they were my friends but in real life I have never seen them before. One of them said something that made me say something along the lines of, "I know exactly what movie you need to see!" and then proceeded to bring up the movie on my iPhone. Just as I was about to show him the other guy already had it pulled up on his android tablet. He gave me a grin sort of like he beat me and my iPhone.

    FA: I then was thrown into my bed in my room watching that same movie I was showing the guy. Everything in my room was moved around, I had an extremely nice TV that was where my computer desk is, and I had a really nice computer where my dresser and TV is. My mom opens my door and hands me a quasadilla she made for me. As I sit there and begin to take a bit, I start to realize the oddities of the dream. I notice my TV and my computer and all of a sudden I exclaim, "I'm in a dream!" my mom is still sitting there and replies to me, "You are, You are!" So as I'm sitting there looking at her I notice everything start to get really blurry and I can start to feel my physical body in bed. I say to her, "Mom, I'm going to need your help to stabilize the dream, I can feel it slipping." and after I was done with my statement everything became extremely clear and I felt really solid. The vividness and realness of the dream amazed me. I wanted to make sure that this lucid lasted, so I began to focus on everything. I took a bite of the quasadilla and it was absolutely amazing. I was some type of breakfast quasadilla, filled with eggs, bacon and cheese. I asked my mom why she couldn't of told me I was dreaming earlier and I didn't really get a straight answer out of her. Instead I just said, "Can you tell me more often when I'm dreaming then?" and she agreed. Through with this conversation, I left my room and I began to walk up my stairs out of the basement. There was a girl standing at the top and once I got there I noticed it was one of my ex's. I begin to start making out with her (sex always distracts me in lucid dreams). For some reason, it really distracted me and I almost feel like I lost my lucidity. Because the rest of the dream consisted of me trying to find a spot to have sex, I didn't want a place where my mom would find out or anything. Once I was about to do it I ended up waking up.

    When I woke up I never opened my eyes, I felt the numbness of SP take over my body and really wanted to try and string a couple lucid's together. I attempted to DEILD but I never really read much on DEILD's so I had no idea what to do. I just laid there and waited for something to happen. I didn't notice anything so I figured I must be in a false awakening so I opened my eyes only to break out of SP and be thrown into reality.

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    1. superchaz's Avatar
      Ohhh MSN thats kickin' it old school. Nice entry the FA was pretty awesome, the one thing I would say is that you shouldn't go along with the plot of the dream. Break the 4th wall do a DeadPool.

      Keep dreaming.