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    Friend's house Nightmare and a Dream Fragment

    by , 09-24-2011 at 09:31 PM (337 Views)
    I stayed the night at a friends house and only got 30 minutes of sleep, in this time I had a nightmare.

    September 24, 2011
    Dream 1: I was walking to my friends house to get a mattress, I could hear a loud vibrating noise echoing throughout his whole neighborhood so I asked about it and my friend told me the story of a bum who sleeps in a truck bed on his house. The story scared me and I had a flashlight and noticed that I've accidentally shined it on the bums face and his eyes were looking right at me and gave me this extreme felling of fear. I tried to ignore what just happened and keep going to get the mattress. We begin loading the mattress into the car and the vibrating noise stops. My friend then starts saying something about when the vibrating stops but I can't hear because my ears are muffled for some reason. Then I remember taking the mattress and hiding under it, while I'm hiding I could hear a banging that sounded like the bum was attacking my friends. It was like a thump on the mattress in sync with my heart beat. While this was happening I knew that once he was finished with them he would come for me, I then wake up and realize that the vibrating noise was most likely the fan in the room.

    I stayed there at his house until around 7:30 and left without waking anyone up, when I got home I went to bed

    Dream 2: All I can really remember is a fragment. I vaguely remember two girls climbing all over me after I got second place in a competition. I remember thinking that I should of won first but something happened that prevented me from winning.

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