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    Jail Armageddon

    by , 09-26-2011 at 01:31 AM (382 Views)
    There's so much more to this dream but I just couldn't remember, I shouldn't of went back to sleep after waking up after this dream.

    I was sent to jail for some reason, except when I got there it wasn't bad at all, it was weird, the entrance into the jail looked like a typical jail, the doorways were barred and the windows sealed shut, but once you got into the jail, it was sort of like some kind of hotel type deal. I vaguely remember a check-in desk of some sort and the whole building consisted of living areas with couches and tv's but on the outskirts of the living areas there were rooms, which is where everyone slept. Now the details are out of the way, I remember something happened and like, a dictator was taking over the whole government and everything outside of the jail was going to hell. I remember thinking that I was glad to be in jail at this time. Me and my friend were hanging out near the front lobby looking outside, I remember images of like a caved in highway system and buildings on fire. I remember asking a guard where everyone is and he said they were all on a break. So I looked out to the distance and I just see a huge swarm of people sprinting to us. It took a minute but then I somehow just knew that every night there was a frenzy to who gets the rooms, the first to a room gets it. So I turn around and sprint. I remember not really knowing the layout of the building so I ran aimlessly and I see a couple of kids from my school get into the rooms I was heading for. And that pretty much ends it, the next thing I know I'm awake in my bed.

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