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    Possible shared lucid?

    by , 08-14-2010 at 05:06 PM (606 Views)
    August 14, 2010

    Okay, so I used to lucid dream a while back, but then i got banned from DV (gay age restriction) so I stopped. So recently I saw Inception and it made me want to get back into it, bad. I really wanted to lucid dream again so I started doing regular reality checks daily. Last night, i stayed up pretty late and right before going to bed I decided to go on DV. I refreshed my mind of all the techniques and chose to try and FILD, but not with a WBTB. I layed down in my bed and got myself situated. I was very tired and ended up falling asleep immediately. So now that i told my whole life story, here's the dream.

    It started out with me waking up in my bed next to my friend, David. It was pretty early in the morning and I just felt like something was weird. I looked at my hands and they were normal, so i also plugged my nose and tried to breat through it, I could. I get pretty excited but i controlled my excitement to try and keep the dream stable. It was kind of blurry so I acted like I was focusing a camera lens (a technique I created back in the day) and made everything crystal clear. Then, to make the dream more stable, i started spinning. (last night i read a DJ where they dream spun, idk what it was so i just spun lol) After spinning I woke up my friend and was like, Dude! We're in a dream! He woke up and was like, "stfu bro im sleeping" and i was like, "come here" and he followed me and so I jumped off my balcony in my house and landed on the ground without making a sound. He started flipping out. We went outside and he started just jumping around and floating doing a crap load of flips in the air and i was just flying around. I came down and the scene changed but I still kept my lucidity. I was walking around my neighborhood with my friends David, Tyler, and Kyle and we were discussing about how this feels like a shared dream and how I feel like they aren't just dream characters. We were having a very deep conversation inside of a dream lol. After we were done, I wanted to do something fun. I remembered one of my goals from a while ago which was to create a mall like dead rising and run around using stuff i find in the shops to kill the zombies. So I concentrated real hard and made the scene change into like an area outside of a mall. My family was there and was ready to go in and start kicking some ass. Then all of a sudden, a huuuuuugeee wave of fear came over and I started freaking out. I was afraid that if a zombie hit me, it would hurt, just like inception. I really didn't want to feel pain. So I ended up just sitting outside the mall. A couple of minutes later I heard my moms voice calling me from like a window above me. I look up and just before i look all the way up I woke up.

    And there's the end. I totally regret not going into the mall. Also, I surprisingly had a lot more control then I used to have.

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    1. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      That was awesome!

      It sounds like they were real by the way they were talking and behaving. Do your friends remember their dreams from that night? Changing the dreamscape is and advanced dream control technique. good job!
    2. J.D.'s Avatar
      Trying to change scene always messes up on me. Good job!
    3. Axel's Avatar
      David said he actually had a dream where he was in a dark room next to a window and he thought he was dreaming so he did a reality check, But thats all he remembers. He's not really too interested in lucid dreaming, he's just heard stories I've told him
    4. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      That's cool that your friend became lucid the same, night, though. Too bad he's not more interested.