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    1. Azaleaj's workbook

      by , 04-20-2017 at 08:21 PM
      I was a little better about being mindful and did a few reality checks during the week. I also stayed up a little longer with WBTB and focused more on visualizing becoming lucid and remembering my goals. 2 lucid dreams last night, one DILD and I believe a WILD.

      I laid down to try to have a WILD. I fell asleep but then woke back up. I tried again. Next thing I remember I was observing a dream form before my eyes. It faded in and out for a few seconds. I was careful to not try to join it too soon as I've seen recommended on here. I was trying to figure out the best moment to get up and enter the dream. Lost some here.

      Next, I was walking in a mall empty of people with a woman with blonde curly hair. I remember my goal of finding the woman with the blonde bob (a dream guide?) I ask this woman if this is her. She look down and does not respond. I take this as a no. (I often encounter dream characters sort of turning off, or looking away and not wanting to interact at different times. Sometimes when I ask the questions and sometimes if I'm sexually forward.) we continue walking toward an escalator that goes to the basement. I realize we are walking when we could be flying. I choose to continue to walk just to mix it up as I usually fly in LDs. We go downstairs.

      Once downstairs I remember my other goal of surrendering to something greater than myself (whatever that might be). I let go and find myself floating 3-4 feet above the ground on my back. I feel a palpable sort of vibrating, peaceful, borderline blissfully energy enveloping me. I find myself floating along the winding mall hallway observing the window displays of clothing. I see lots of various blue fabrics. I feel I'm sort of meditating, or mindfully observing. Sort of like a walking (floating) meditation. Lost part of the dream again.

      Now I'm upstairs. I find myself with an attractive man and we come close to having sex but not quite.

      I remember thinking (as I often do during longer LDs) that this is a long dream and I hope I don't forget parts of it, which I did. I woke up, went over the dream in my head and set my intention to LD again as I had another 1.5 hours to sleep.

      I had a semi long dream about being in the country (on the ranch). I'm exploring the layout of a property with various houses and outhouses on it. I go into an octagon dome type house. Sort of a hippie house nestled in the tree. I notice lots of windows with gorgeous views of oak trees. There is a weird shoot type window in a tunnel. I think that that would be a good escape route in case of an emergency. I then go outside. I became lucid here. I see a cat I think is my deceased cat Reeses. I get excited to go see him. As I get closer I see it's a different, kind of ratty cat. I give it a few pets. I then remember my ongoing goal of tasting and smelling. I pick up some pine cones and branches and breathe deeply. I think I also tasted them. Nothing. I clearly see the colors and feel the texture but no taste or smell. I then look closer and see the branches are actually fake and crafted out of craft supplies. I can see the papers amd pins holding them together. They are very colorful. I'm not sure if I lost lucidity here or just don't remember the rest of the dream. I had 3 other dreams full of adventure and strong feeling as well. I think I may have had a few other moments of lucidity but can't be sure.