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    Contest night 13

    by , 01-26-2017 at 09:00 PM (513 Views)
    2 DILDs one non LD
    It's nighttime, I'm in my bedroom with a boyfriend who is a combo of my husband and ex. We are in a hilltop village which feels peaceful and quiet. I'm upset because he won't have sex with me any more. I give him an ultimatum, I may have to find a "side boyfriend".
    I go outside to walk around and cool off. I'm walking along a quiet dirt path and realize spontaneously I'm dreaming.
    My vision comes and goes here. I rub my hands together. I remember reading about a dream yoga technique and I try it. I close my eyes, plug my nose, and try diving into the ground/into the heart center. Well, nothing happened. I notice a black sky with hints of sparkling stars.
    I walk along the path and remember the dream contest goal of walking through a big solid object. I see a house and with confidence walk through the wall. I'm inside now. I start exploring hallways and rooms. I remember my goal of kissing a dc. I say, "when I come around the corner I will see a man". As I go around the corner I see a man laying in a bed. He seems a little too dad like, yikes. I try to transform him by willing it to be. I think his hair changed a little but not enough. I move on continuing my exploration of the house. My body feels big and heavy. Again remembering my dream yoga book talking about losing the dream body, I attempt to become a single point of consciousness. I think I become a little smaller and lighter. I remember I can float instead of walk and do so which feels much better than walking.
    I walk outside. I feel down to see what my body feels like. Feels like I'm naked (as I often am in dreams which usually feels great, no embarrassment).
    I meet a girl and wonder if I should kiss her for my dream points. No, I don't want to. She wants to show me something. We walk to a parking lot where there are a bunch of men who are interested in us. "I think I'm less lucid here as it didn't occur to me to face these DCs or to not be afraid though I'm still somewhat aware I'm dreaming". There is one huge, 8 ft tall DC who seems quite scary. Luckily he walks by us. We get into a truck and try to leave the parking lot. There is a bunch of work equipment in the road but I believe we make it out wit the girl driving. At some point during this dream I noted that it felt very long and I hoped I would remember it all. When I woke up I went over it in my head but didn't write it down.

    This one is a little vague in spots. I see myself about 30 feet ahead. I'm naked and I notice distinct tan lines. I'm then in my body. I walk up s ramp into a house. There is someone there instructing us to try to create 3 children. I create a clover with 3-4 leaves. Not quite right. (Lost some here) I go back down the ramp carrying a huge bundle of random objects. I become lucid and realize I don't or can't take any of this stuff with me. The realization feels great so I put it down and feel unburdened and free. I walk away empty handed.

    Another long dream about a hospital, huge DCs, a lovely homeless camp on a hill above the ocean with makeshift homes and a little pond with a baby otter. Possibly moments of lucidity but I'm not positive.

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