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    1. Azaleaj's workbook

      by , 04-27-2017 at 08:01 PM
      I've been trying to be more mindful in waking life. I think lucid dreaming is helping me appreciate the details of waking life more. I found myself having more moments of wonder just petting the cat, listening to music and closely examine flowers. If dreams are so amazing then waking life is pretty amazing (and mysterious too). We are just used to it. Had a long lucid last night.

      I'm in bed then get up and go out to the back yard and become lucid. It's really realistic and I wonder if I'm having an OOBE. I walk around noting snow on the ground. I think to fly and find myself riding my dog up in the air over the neighborhood. My vision becomes blurry and dark for maybe 30 seconds, I spin to try to come out of it.
      Now I'm flying solo flapping my arms trying to gain altitude. I remember the contest and try to remember my 3 step goals. I think it was to phase through something, telekinesis and to summon my dream guide( I was a little off on this). I started trying to move objects on the ground. At first I'm unable but after a few tries an object moves. Yahhh. Next I see big, looming, cold, metal buildings. I fly to one and try to pass through the wall. I hit it and it feels solid.
      Now I'm inside one of these buildings. It's ominous, stark and empty. It's all grey metal. I float on the tall ceiling looking around. I remember reading something about how when having an OOBE (or lucid dream) one can change their thoughts and outlook and the surroundings will change. I wonder if I chant OM whether things will become less stark. I start chanting and other voices join in. It sounds beautiful.
      Now I'm in a small basement sitting on the floor. I'm surrounded by colorful walls and shelves of objects. (Not sure what the objects were). I decide to really look closely at the objects memorizing what I see so I'll remember it really well. I note that the colors change as I stare at them. I stare at a chartreuse wall that becomes banana yellow. This feels really fun and fascinating. I remember reading about a person who would experiment with asking DCs what they saw and they would often report different surroundings. I want to ask a DC this but do not see anyone to ask. I go up some stairs and out a door into a green beautiful landscape with a dark night sky.
      I come across a friend's husband and friends. I wonder if he is dreaming. I tell him to remember 10+10=20. I plan on asking him about it when awake. I follow them to a car and get in. We drive to a farm and when we pull up into the barn I see an old desk and joke that the kids could use it. For some reason everyone thinks this is hilarious.
      At some point I did math in my head to increase lucidity. I started with 2+2=4 then 12+8=16...no..20. Apparently that one was a little challenging ha ha. I also rubbed my hands together. I was quite pleased I remembered to do these things. I also remembered the goal to look for a fellow dream contestant. The name Joe came into my head and I wandered around looking for him.
      I was aware of waking up and had that sucking down a tunnel into my body sensation that I have had before.
    2. Azaleaj's workbook

      by , 04-20-2017 at 08:21 PM
      I was a little better about being mindful and did a few reality checks during the week. I also stayed up a little longer with WBTB and focused more on visualizing becoming lucid and remembering my goals. 2 lucid dreams last night, one DILD and I believe a WILD.

      I laid down to try to have a WILD. I fell asleep but then woke back up. I tried again. Next thing I remember I was observing a dream form before my eyes. It faded in and out for a few seconds. I was careful to not try to join it too soon as I've seen recommended on here. I was trying to figure out the best moment to get up and enter the dream. Lost some here.

      Next, I was walking in a mall empty of people with a woman with blonde curly hair. I remember my goal of finding the woman with the blonde bob (a dream guide?) I ask this woman if this is her. She look down and does not respond. I take this as a no. (I often encounter dream characters sort of turning off, or looking away and not wanting to interact at different times. Sometimes when I ask the questions and sometimes if I'm sexually forward.) we continue walking toward an escalator that goes to the basement. I realize we are walking when we could be flying. I choose to continue to walk just to mix it up as I usually fly in LDs. We go downstairs.

      Once downstairs I remember my other goal of surrendering to something greater than myself (whatever that might be). I let go and find myself floating 3-4 feet above the ground on my back. I feel a palpable sort of vibrating, peaceful, borderline blissfully energy enveloping me. I find myself floating along the winding mall hallway observing the window displays of clothing. I see lots of various blue fabrics. I feel I'm sort of meditating, or mindfully observing. Sort of like a walking (floating) meditation. Lost part of the dream again.

      Now I'm upstairs. I find myself with an attractive man and we come close to having sex but not quite.

      I remember thinking (as I often do during longer LDs) that this is a long dream and I hope I don't forget parts of it, which I did. I woke up, went over the dream in my head and set my intention to LD again as I had another 1.5 hours to sleep.

      I had a semi long dream about being in the country (on the ranch). I'm exploring the layout of a property with various houses and outhouses on it. I go into an octagon dome type house. Sort of a hippie house nestled in the tree. I notice lots of windows with gorgeous views of oak trees. There is a weird shoot type window in a tunnel. I think that that would be a good escape route in case of an emergency. I then go outside. I became lucid here. I see a cat I think is my deceased cat Reeses. I get excited to go see him. As I get closer I see it's a different, kind of ratty cat. I give it a few pets. I then remember my ongoing goal of tasting and smelling. I pick up some pine cones and branches and breathe deeply. I think I also tasted them. Nothing. I clearly see the colors and feel the texture but no taste or smell. I then look closer and see the branches are actually fake and crafted out of craft supplies. I can see the papers amd pins holding them together. They are very colorful. I'm not sure if I lost lucidity here or just don't remember the rest of the dream. I had 3 other dreams full of adventure and strong feeling as well. I think I may have had a few other moments of lucidity but can't be sure.
    3. Azaleaj's workbook

      by , 04-15-2017 at 09:26 PM
      Last night I did WBTB With a brief and lazy MILD practice.

      I dreamed I was with two of my best friends on a journey of sorts. We had to climb up over the top of a house and I was struggling with this. My friend Emily was encouraging me and waiting for me. I made it to the top of the house then remembered I could just fly down to the other side where my friends were waiting. I floated down to the ground. (It's been a long time since I flew in a non lucid dream). I then became lucid spontaneously.

      Right away my vision started to fade in and out of focus then in and out of darkness. I lost part of the dream here then I believe I woke up. I stayed still and the dream formed before my eyes to my delight! It was crystal clear for a few moments then faded again.

      I'm not sure if I woke up at this point or just transitioned to another dream. I was very happy to have had 3 and possibly 4 LDs in 3 days after an almost 2 week dry spell. I think I'm back on track. Yahhhh

      I then had 3 other dreams and one fragment with ok recall. The themes were trying to find a sex partner and then in separate dreams, going on a road trip with my family and hanging out with my sisters in an arcade. One standout image was driving through a tunnel and realizing it was dark because I had my eyes closed. When I opened them I saw that the tunnel was filled with beautiful spring flowers!
    4. Contest night 13

      by , 01-26-2017 at 09:00 PM
      2 DILDs one non LD
      It's nighttime, I'm in my bedroom with a boyfriend who is a combo of my husband and ex. We are in a hilltop village which feels peaceful and quiet. I'm upset because he won't have sex with me any more. I give him an ultimatum, I may have to find a "side boyfriend".
      I go outside to walk around and cool off. I'm walking along a quiet dirt path and realize spontaneously I'm dreaming.
      My vision comes and goes here. I rub my hands together. I remember reading about a dream yoga technique and I try it. I close my eyes, plug my nose, and try diving into the ground/into the heart center. Well, nothing happened. I notice a black sky with hints of sparkling stars.
      I walk along the path and remember the dream contest goal of walking through a big solid object. I see a house and with confidence walk through the wall. I'm inside now. I start exploring hallways and rooms. I remember my goal of kissing a dc. I say, "when I come around the corner I will see a man". As I go around the corner I see a man laying in a bed. He seems a little too dad like, yikes. I try to transform him by willing it to be. I think his hair changed a little but not enough. I move on continuing my exploration of the house. My body feels big and heavy. Again remembering my dream yoga book talking about losing the dream body, I attempt to become a single point of consciousness. I think I become a little smaller and lighter. I remember I can float instead of walk and do so which feels much better than walking.
      I walk outside. I feel down to see what my body feels like. Feels like I'm naked (as I often am in dreams which usually feels great, no embarrassment).
      I meet a girl and wonder if I should kiss her for my dream points. No, I don't want to. She wants to show me something. We walk to a parking lot where there are a bunch of men who are interested in us. "I think I'm less lucid here as it didn't occur to me to face these DCs or to not be afraid though I'm still somewhat aware I'm dreaming". There is one huge, 8 ft tall DC who seems quite scary. Luckily he walks by us. We get into a truck and try to leave the parking lot. There is a bunch of work equipment in the road but I believe we make it out wit the girl driving. At some point during this dream I noted that it felt very long and I hoped I would remember it all. When I woke up I went over it in my head but didn't write it down.

      This one is a little vague in spots. I see myself about 30 feet ahead. I'm naked and I notice distinct tan lines. I'm then in my body. I walk up s ramp into a house. There is someone there instructing us to try to create 3 children. I create a clover with 3-4 leaves. Not quite right. (Lost some here) I go back down the ramp carrying a huge bundle of random objects. I become lucid and realize I don't or can't take any of this stuff with me. The realization feels great so I put it down and feel unburdened and free. I walk away empty handed.

      Another long dream about a hospital, huge DCs, a lovely homeless camp on a hill above the ocean with makeshift homes and a little pond with a baby otter. Possibly moments of lucidity but I'm not positive.
    5. Spellbee2 contest night one

      by , 01-14-2017 at 10:09 PM
      1 WILD with poor visuals and one lucid DILD portion within a non lucid dream. I completed 2 of the 3 part goals, dancing and asking the dream how I can be more peaceful.
      2nd WILD I've had, yahhhh!
      I woke up and did WBTB. Up for 40 minutes. Closed my eyes and felt vibrations and heard a whooshing sound. I tried to relax into it and waited for a visual scene to form. I got flashes and moments of visual clarity but most of the dream was dark. I felt I was floating on the surface of shallow water facing the ground. Kind of like snorkeling. I was examining the ground looking for seashells. The ground went in and out of focus. For a moment I saw a blue shell. Lost part of it here.

      I'm then fly/floating above my back yard, maybe 150 ft up. It's nighttime and I briefly see my neighborhood bathed in starlight. I look up and see a beautiful starry night sky. I remember to try dancing. I'm floating in the air so it feels awkward and not much like dancing really. I think I heard some music at this point too. I then remembered the second goal which was to ask the dream for advise. (How can I be more peaceful?) I ask the dream. I then feel I'm telling myself the answer but it feels like I'm coming from my most wise and happy place. I tell myself something like you have to come from a broader perspective, etc. it felt true for me. I forgot the second part of the advise.

      Still floating through the air. I see a balcony and decide to investigate. I think i would like to have sex. I see a man in there and am very forward with him. We have sex and it's really fun. He feels guilty for some reason. (Often my DCs feel guilty about sex but I never do...not sure what that's about) visuals were vague here and I kind of felt I was making parts up as I went instead of watching the dream unfold. I then woke up. I decided not to write the dream down as I wasn't very tired and I was afraid I wouldn't fall back asleep.

      This one starts as non lucid. I'm in a bedroom several stories up. I believe it's nighttime. I see a bed on the floor where I've been doing dream work. I also see a yellow baby cockatiel I found outside who needs care. My friend's bossy aunt arrives for a visit. She is critical of the bed on the floor and tells me to get the bird some bread/seed with water. I feel I may have neglected the bird. We go into the living room. I see 5-6 little fluffy feeble baby animals (not sure what kind). Two may be dying. They need to nurse. Oh jeeze I hope they make it.

      Not sure if this is the same dream or not. Walking up a road with the aunt figure. I see a nice nature trail surrounded with brown bushes and suggested we take that instead. The aunt wants to stay on the blacktop road. We pass some small houses in a row with perfect grass and a fence. They are very clean and sterile looking. I really like them for some reason. We make it to the top of the hill and sit on someone's doorstep. I become lucid. I remember again to ask my dream what I can do to be more peaceful. I ask the aunt. She says I can focus on collecting ancient antiques. I think that makes no sense and even think it's kind of funny. I think to ask the dream itself. I look to the sky and ask the question. I hear nothing in response. I see partial writing on pieces of paper or on the ground. I decide against trying to decipher it for some reason. Loose lucidity here. Dream continues.

      I see a big newly built wooden house on a hill surrounded by a gorgeous field.. I'm annoyed they built in nature. The house us hard to make out at first but becomes 3 dimensional and clear. I think, well, I would like to live there. As we walk along a pleasant town street below the house my friend tells me she married her husband so he would have her friends and family and especially her sisters as how own. I then woke up. Crystal clear dream with very good recall and string pleasant feelings.
    6. azaleaJ's dream journal

      by , 01-06-2017 at 02:45 AM
      I usually post in my DILD class workbook but will be posting here for Spellbee2's dream competition.