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    Awesome Adventure Half Lucid

    by , 04-14-2013 at 05:06 AM (328 Views)
    First it started out me and a few friends were transported to this grocery store and we had to pack up some food and no one was working there so we could get whatever we wanted and we only had a limited amount of time until these alien monster things would attack us they weren't that big maybe 6 foot 6 and then we had to run outside before they got here and get on these flying machines and I got one where you have to drive it for a while and down the road a little bit there is this huge alien ship and my thing can't fly yet so just before I hit the ship I lift off and I start flying slash jumping and then I jump again when I touch the ground and jump over this huge modern trex robot thing and jump some more over some building into a big open field, and in the middle there is this big violent spinning machine that doesn't move and then you have to dodge these lighting things on the ground stretched out like plant roots and you have to dodge the shockwaves for 5 minutes or you loose the game and die and have to restart OK now I beat this stage/round and now I'm transported to round three where were in a small theatre room with a big TV screen and in this stage you have to dodge these heat ray lines that pop up every minute or so and you have to destroy these blocks by dodging the lasers and then a lot more people showed up and I made it all the way through the round and didn't loose a life, so I went outside to these tables where they hand out awards and I got 1st place but I had a waiting time and i guess it was about 10am in my dream and I had to wait till 3pm and then I was talking to some friends and then I hear something and it was my alarm, it was a fun dream

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