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    Holy improved dream recall, Batman!

    by , 12-14-2011 at 06:11 AM (1032 Views)
    My dream recall has been improving greatly lately. I attribute it to drinking chamomile tea and eating some peanut butter on toast before bed, along with some other sleep improvements. Anyway, I've been able to recall up to three dreams a night, which is awesome! Here's a quick recap of what I've got written down for just the past week:

    -Ran into my ex-boyfriend at a super-fancy restaurant. He tried to ask me out again, and stuffed dried grass into my shirt pocket. For some reason, in my dream I knew this meant he was very serious about asking me out.

    -Went to the Ohio State Fair (LOL I've only ever been to Ohio once in my life, for a day...and it didn't involve a fair) and walked through the animal barns to look around. As I walked I realized the animals were turning into humans. They were all naked and filthy, and they stared out at me with blank expressions. It was unsettling. I reached a room where some of the "barn humans" were sitting on benches, watching a video recording of a televangelist on a cheap TV. They asked me if I wanted to watch the video, but I refused.

    This dream is pretty significant to me, because I think I tried to go lucid. I distinctly remember thinking "Wait, how do I know this is Ohio?" while I was dreaming. ON MY WAY TO LUCIDITY. AW YEAH.

    -These are all in the same night---1. I won a latte-making contest 2. I participated in a fishing competition at this huge (and to the best of my knowledge, non-existent in real life) college where I ran into a Buddhist monk. 3. I was alone at my high school's swimming pool watching mermaids swim around. Then this crowd of people came from nowhere and started some tribal ritual that involved killing the mermaids. I was heartbroken.

    -I baked cookies with children who had human bodies and bird heads. I remember a cardinal, blue jay, kingfisher and oriole. They were all very polite, and I had a really good time.

    -Found myself rehearsing for the stage version of The Lion King

    -I was in a bright, sunny, green field with songs fluttering around me like butterflies (I have no idea how to explain this, but they were songs and they were fluttering). I had a net, and when I caught a song, it would play. Sometimes the song was good, sometimes it sucked.

    Yeah. Here's to continued good recall. These dreams are really fun, or at least interesting.

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    1. DreamingProphet's Avatar
      lol.. great title.. batman! The mermaid part of your dreams reminds me of a TV show I watch call metalocalypse, and in one of the episodes they wrote a song called mermaider! as in .. mermaid murder! lol too uncanny Sounds like you could contact the makers of that show and hit them we a couple of your dreams, especially the one about the telephone pole and that karen girl getting roasted to pieces, literally. As Nathan Explosion would say, "That's BRUTAL! Hey.. could write a song about that.."
      babylemonade likes this.
    2. babylemonade's Avatar
      I KNOW METALOCALYPSE! Awesome show! That Mermaider episode is the one where they perform underwater, right? Haha, now my dream does sound like something from that show.
    3. DreamingProphet's Avatar
      lol yes, yes it does I think I've seen every episode up to the end of season 3.. such an awesome show

      edit: p.s. .. it was brutal in your dream to see that girl get blown to bits, but now you think back on it in the context of comedy.. and it's actually pretty funny.. isn't it