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    balban's Dream Journal

    1. Muslim Napoleon Dynamite

      by , 07-10-2014 at 08:05 PM (balban's Dream Journal)
      The entire dream took place near the shore of a large lake. The odd thing was there were no buildings, but there were foundations where it looked like a building should be. There was one area that was clearly a sleeping area from rows and rows of bunk beds that were there.

      I was on a jetski and I rode it up to the shore where I bunch of people were congregating. Somehow knew they were Muslim and, oddly, I felt that I was also Muslim. Walking up to a large group of people that were involved in this festival type activity, one of them called to me, "Napoleon!" Suddenly I had a sense that I was Napoleon Dynamite and I walked over to him. They were standing in a really large foundation, playing a game (passing some kind of a ball around). One of the men seemed kind of antagonistic to my presence. He would glare at me and whisper things to an older man. It made me a little nervous.

      The older man walked up to me and ordered me to kiss his daughter. Feeling like he was setting me up, I refused but he kept persisting, pushing his daughter toward me. After a few more refusals and me pushing her away, he ordered me to kiss his wife. I looked at his wife, who seemed afraid at this point, then I walked away.

      I headed toward the bunk beds and laid down on one of them. This is when the younger of the two Muslims stormed up to me. He was screaming at me, but I couldn't understand what he was saying. He was pissed, nearly hitting me a few times. I stood up from the bed and looked toward the water.
    2. I Just Can't Remember!

      by , 06-26-2014 at 05:44 PM (balban's Dream Journal)
      SM and I were walking in the parking lot of a mall. We were headed to the movies to see The Desolation of Smaug. I had the impression that the movie wasn't playing at one theater, so we were walking to the other theater.

      I recall sitting in the theater, watching a movie, but it seemed like a really short time had passed before we were standing out in front of another theater waiting to buy tickets for another movie. Ahead of us were two older couples and they were trying to buy tickets for Lord of the Rings. One of the older ladies had mentioned that she wanted to see The Desolation of Smaug instead, but it wasn't playing at the theater they were at.

      I told her we had just seen it and she asked me where, but I couldn't remember. I took out my cell phone and tried to look for where it was playing near where we were, but either the app kept shutting down or I couldn't read the text or the data was coming in to slowly. I kept trying and trying to give her the information, but it just wasn't working. SM was getting frustrated with me and eventually disappeared for a while. But I kept trying for what felt like hours.

      At some point, I walked over to some benches where I saw SM laying down on one of them. SM started yelling at me about some old issue we've had in the past and it made me really angry; so I walked away.
    3. Futuristic Raids

      by , 06-23-2014 at 05:55 PM (balban's Dream Journal)
      I was on a train platform. It felt futuristic. I believe the trains was a high speed monorail? The train platform went to several locations (i.e... stairs leading to the city center, one heading to a museum, one heading to a performing arts center, etc...). It was a massive train depot.

      I took the stairs to the museum. Inside, I remember a giant marble statue of Atlas holding up the Earth. It was the only piece of art there. Surrounding Atlas were two giant marble staircases spiraling up around both sides of the statue. I realized that I was dressed in riot gear and had some kind of a rifle in my hands (again, it looked futuristic). After I realized this, I ran up the stairs and into the hallway where a small battle was taking place. I ran through the hallway to a front position, behind a pylon jutting from one of the walls and I started shooting toward a door at the end of the hallway.
      dream fragment
    4. Missing Teeth and Dunan Keith

      by , 06-22-2014 at 05:46 PM (balban's Dream Journal)
      Fragment #1
      I was standing in an empty warehouse. BS and ES were there. We were on the second floor, overlooking the warehouse. BS was talking, but I don't remember the conversation. I had the impression that both ES and I were working for BS and he was telling us what he wanted to do.

      Fragment #2
      I was at a hotel pool. Surrounding the pool area was a lazy river that snaked its way around large pools scattered around the grounds. I was on an inner tube floating in the lazy river. In the water were giant black blobs that would bend and distort from the water currents; however, they stayed stationary. If someone were to float over a blob, it would expand and envelope the person on the tube. It seemed somewhat concerning to me, but I wasn't really frightened by it. I was focused on steering around them.

      Fragment #3
      At the pool, BS asked me to go up to the room and get something. I don't recall what I had to go get, but as I was heading up to the room, along the well manicured path (the kind you would see at a resort type hotel), I realized that my upper left canine tooth was missing. I kept poking my tongue through the empty slot in my mouth wondering what the hell happened to my tooth. Then I thought of Duncan Keith.

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      dream fragment
    5. Weird Planes and Geraldo Rivera

      by , 06-20-2014 at 06:22 PM (balban's Dream Journal)
      Dream #1
      I was standing on the tarmac of a small, mountaintop airport waiting to board a 6 seated plane. There was a man, whom I assumed was the pilot helping the few of us on the plane. He wore a WWII styled US Army hat (the kind they would wear in boot camp), the drab olive Army fatigues pants, and a deep red Hawaiian shirt. His beard, though cut really short, was nearly all gray. He had an unlit, 3/4 smoked cigar in the corner of his mouth.

      The door to the small plane was at the rear of the craft. It opened, rather than from the rear midsection of the plane, from the back toward the side (hard to explain, this is more for me to remember I guess). I thought it was an odd configuration since the props were on the back of the plane as well and we were walked around the blades to get into the plane. My seat was in the back right next to the door, oddly just across from where the pilot's seat was.

      Once we all got on, the pilot latched the door closed, took his seat and started up the plane. We taxied to the runway, he spooled up the engines and we took off. I got really nervous when the attack angle started to rise above what I have normally experienced (it was damn near 90, if not more!). I looked over at the pilot and he seemed unphased by the weird angle, which made me feel better and I just assumed that it must be normal for props that push the plane rather than pull it.

      After having that though, I suddenly felt gravity tugging on me. So much so that it moved me from my seat and pushed me against the door of the plane. I heard a click and the door flew open. I quickly grabbed onto the back of the seat that I had been sitting in and held on for dear life. My heart in my throat, I looked at the pilot, as if silently pleading for him to do something. He took one look at me and said, "Alright... Hold on a second. I'll take care of it." He seemed really calm, which confused me a little.

      The next moment I was standing in a small mountain village with everyone that was in the plane. The pilot was making suggestions as to what we could do there and reminded us that we would have to continue on with wherever we were going in an hour. He also said that he would leave without us if we were late.

      Dream #2
      I was buying an old beat up truck. SM was with me. After the purchase, I was driving it home. We reached an intersection and stopped at the red light. I was watching the left turn traffic in front of me move when their light turned green. There was a gray Honda Accord looking car that had just broken it's turn when a white BMW looking car passed me in the lane next to me, obviously running the red light. The white car attempted to skirt around the gray car, but failed when it struck the gray car. Both cars stopped. My light turned green and I moved to drive around the accident. As I passed the white car I saw Geraldo Rivera looking back and me. He was shrugging at me as if he was trying to say, "Help me out. You saw what happened." At first I was just going to ignore it, but I figured that Geraldo is kind of a douchebag, so I will help the other guy out. Yeah... I saw what happened alight.

      The white and gray car moved to the side of the road. I turned around and parked my new, beater truck behind the gray car, which was parked behind the white car. I got out of my truck and headed passed the gray car. This is when the driver of the gray car got out of his car. He was kind of staggering around. I grabbed him by the shoulders and asked him if he was OK. He looked at me and I instantly knew him. It was WL, but he didn't seem to recognize me because we haven't seen each other since I was in my late teens.

      I was totally surprised by this turn of events and I asked him if he recognized me. He seemed really confused and said that he didn't. I walked him over to the curb and sat him down. I asked him again if he was sure that he didn't recognize me. I just shook his head. I sat on the curb next to him, which is when I had the thought that he was drunk or high. He was acting so weird. He was struggling to keep himself upright and kept trying to lay down. I asked him if he was hurt, but he just shook his head no. I asked him if he was drunk or high. He said that he had taken some medication recently. He said the name, something like peralitan(?). I asked him if that was some kind of barbiturate and that maybe he shouldn't say anything. I told him that I would handle Geraldo for him (because Geraldo is a douchebag and I didn't want him to win this one!).

      WL laid down when Geraldo walked up to us. I again asked WL if he recognized me. This time, he took a long look and I could tell that he finally realized who I was. After a brief moment of recognition, he gave me this "oh shit" look. But I told him not to worry. I will take care of this for him.

      Geraldo gave me the folded paper and asked me to fill it out. I sat down on the curb and looked at it. I began filling it out, but at some point I realized that it was some order form for CDs. Geraldo had gone back to his car as I was filling it out, so I went up to him and asked him what this form was. He took it from me and agreed that this isn't what he meant to give to me. I reached over to his glove box and opened it.
    6. Visiting Denmark

      by , 06-19-2014 at 11:10 PM (balban's Dream Journal)
      I was standing on a small street. The street reminded me of a small European town center, two to three story merchant shops lined the street, rising up along side of me. LL met me and asked me to go over to his house that was a few blocks away.

      LL and I were sitting on a couch, watching something on television. He kept moving closer to me, to which I would move away. LL was making me nervous. I kept getting the impression that he want to have sex with me. I remember thinking "Dude... I'm not gay!" in my mind and somehow I thought it was getting through to him.

      The odd thing is that LL isn't gay in RL, yet somehow this manifested in this way in the dream making me uncomfortable.

      LL told me that he wanted me to meet one of his friends and we left his place and walked up the street. After a few blocks, we arrived as a modern looking house. It looked like it was nearly finished being constructed. We went into the house and met some woman. LL excused himself and the lady began showing me around the house. Some of the rooms were finished, some were not. We walked upstairs and into the master bedroom. There was a walkin closet that led to the attic. She left me alone in the closet, telling me she need to check on something. I was walking between the attic, the closet and the master bedroom.

      In the bedroom, I saw a wooden desk. On the desk were some papers and a pamphlet. Curious, I picked up the pamphlet and it was for people suffering from chocolate addiction. It looked like it was advertising a rehab clinic for people that suffered from the addiction. Most of the pamphlet was in English, but when I turned it over, it looked like the back sheet was in Dutch.

      The woman returned to the room to find me looking at the pamphlet. I put it down as soon as I realized that she had returned, but she did see me looking at it. A look of horrified embarrassment fell over her face, she walked over to the bed and laid down on it with her hands over her face. I laid on the bed next to her trying to console her. I told her that I didn't mean to go through her stuff and that I was sorry. I told her not to be embarrassed because I knew. She looked at me and kind of half smiled at me.

      She stood up and asked me to follow her. Heading to the kitchen, she gave me a glass of water. She was talking to me, but I couldn't understand what she was saying. I felt really confused and frustrated that I just didn't understand. She pointed out the window at a boat that was sitting at the dock, which suddenly I could now see. Then I heard her say, clearly, LL wanted to take me out on his boat and we needed to go meet him there. She put on a jacket, she grabbed my hand and lead me out the door.
    7. Creepy Photographers Makin' Me Run!

      by , 06-17-2014 at 01:20 AM (balban's Dream Journal)
      I was in a home that had big open rooms, blocky designs and huge glass walls all the way around it and filled with art deco furniture. This particular home was over looking a forested area. I could see the tops of pine trees surrounding the house. In the middle of the house, there was a fair small, square pool. It was double the size of an elevator shaft. The bottom of the pool was black marble, which made seeing the bottom impossible. rising up from the pool was a giant black marble obelisk, built into one of the sides of the pool and it rose all the way to the ceiling. There was a set of stairs that wrapped their way around the pool and lead to the second floor where there was a ledge that looked like it was for jumping into the pool below. This is what SA and I were doing. We would jumping together into the pool and run back up the stairs to jump in again.

      At some point I noticed a creepy guy, who was on the second floor snapping our pictures with an SLR camera as we jumped into the pool. When I would jumped from the ledge and into the water, I could hear the shutter of his camera snapping and the film advancing rapidly, like he was getting action pics of us falling into the water.

      I finally got up the nerve to walk up to the guy and I asked him what the hell he wanted. He told me that he wanted to take some pictures of SA and asked me if I would mind. I told him that I wouldn't mind, but made the excuse that SA had to "go get ready". This is when I told SA to leave, but for some reason I kept jumping into the pool. Moments passed, which is when the creepy photographer asked if he could take some pictures of me while we waited for SA. Though I was feeling uneasy, I still told him that it would be fine. He then asked me to run laps around the second floor, which I did.

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    8. Kim Jong Il

      by , 06-15-2014 at 08:07 AM (balban's Dream Journal)
      I was standing in an airport when 3 large, Asian men scooped me up and dragged me off to a waiting car. I was thrown into the back seat and bookended by 2 of the large men. The third hopped in the driver's seat and drove off.

      Then I was in a stairwell. There was a line of people along one wall of the stairwell. I was being hustled up along the other wall. The people in the line were yelling at us, screaming that it wasn't fair that I was being moved to the front of the line, but their cries went ignored. After what felt like 5 flights of stairs we reached the end of the line. The stairwell ended in a room that looked like a small waiting room. There were no windows. It was dimly lit by small lamps sitting on the few desks placed about the room. Along the back wall of the room, a little right of the centerline of the stairwell, there was a door. One of the Asian men told me the Kim Jong Il wanted to see me when he came out of the room.

      The door opened and out stepped a man, who didn't really look like Kim Jong Il, walked right up to me as if he knew me. He told me that I was going to do some "commercials" for his country and I was going to tell his people that everyone in the US lives in worse conditions than people in North Korea. He also told me to tell them how lucky they were to live with him as their leader, because living in the US was much worse. He finished up with a warning, not a direct warning, but a warning that I had better comply or something bad would happen (whatever that meant).

      Next Kim Jong Il and I were walking through what looked like a sports stadium. Kim Jong Il was walking beneath the bleachers, smoking a cigarette. I was walking through a walkway, near the concession stands.

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    9. Soa

      by , 06-12-2014 at 12:59 AM (balban's Dream Journal)
      I was in a bar surrounded by bikers. They were all upset and yelling with violent excitement. I was concerned being around them. One of them charged up to me, screaming, "They killed our Prez! What are you going to do about it?!"

      "Me," I said, really nervous now that someone had acknowledged me.

      "Yeah! You're our Prez now," he said emphatically.

      I started wondering how I could have been made their "prez". I wasn't a biker, yet something compelled me to try and calm these guys down. I raised my arms in an attempt to hush them. The room slowly quieted and I started talking, though I have no idea what I said. I am sure it was massively inspirational, since all eyes were attentively on me as I spoke. I was walking about the room and through the crowd. I believe I was trying to convince them that running around, all half cocked, was a bad idea. What I do remember saying is that we needed to know for sure what had happened. I could tell that only half of the bikers were with me and the other half were glaring at me as if they wanted to kick my ass.

      As I was talking, I walked up to a window and looked outside. There were people, seemed like tourists, walking passed the windows. One of the bikers grabbed me and forced me away from the window. He scolded me, yelling that my standing by a window is basically death. It kind of made me sad that this was now my life, but I felt a sense of responsibility for these guys.

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    10. I'm Flying!

      by , 06-09-2014 at 12:45 AM (balban's Dream Journal)
      The dream began just as I was landing on an airport runway. Though it didn't seem strange to me at the time, I wasn't flying an airplane... I was the airplane. I felt my wheels touching the ground and the weight of my body slowly getting heavier and heavier as I slowed down. I could feel my props turning.

      Then I turned around and took off again. I felt my weight flowing across my outstretched arms just as I left the ground. I could feel myself vibrating from the roar of my engine. I felt the wind buffeting me around. I turned again toward the runway. Slowly descending, I had to bob and weave my way through trees that were popping up in front of me. It didn't make me nervous, but it just felt like something I had to do.

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    11. What a Quaint Little Church

      by , 06-09-2014 at 12:37 AM (balban's Dream Journal)
      I had, what I would call, a chain dream. What this means is that I had a dream, I woke from it. As I normally do, I laid in bed, still and with my eyes closed, trying to remember all the details of the dream. However, during that process, I fell back asleep and the dream seemed to continue.

      First Link
      I was riding a bike through a middle-class neighborhood. It didn't feel like I had a purpose other than just riding around, like I used to do when I was a kid. The day was sunny and the sky was really blue. At some point I began feeling fear; a curious kind of fear as if I had to look at something that was making me afraid.

      I was drawn toward a unkempt house on the middle of this one block. I rode my bike up the cracked driveway and toward the side of the house. I got off my bike and walked cautiously around to the back.

      Once I got around back, I found myself standing in front of an old church. It was the kind of church that you would find in a mountain top community - small, constructed from wood and kind of looking like a cabin. There was deep snow all over the ground. From the outside, the church looked small and quaint, but stepping inside the front doors and into the church I saw three large foyers, separated from each other by large glass walls with glass doors in their centers. From any place inside a specific foyer, I could look left and right to see the entire width of the church. Just ahead of me was a closed double door.

      I opened the door and it lead into a massive church. There was a large, marble altar at the front of the church. Near the altar were three ornate chairs, I figured that was where the clergy sat during their services. To the left of the altar was a small, raised podium. There were hundreds of pews forming a semicircular pattern around the altar. The church was completely empty and really quiet.

      On the front wall of the church, I noticed two doors on either side of the altar about midway from the centerline of the church. I walked to the leftmost door and opened it. It opened into a long hallway with doors along the walls as far as I could see. It reminded me of hallways I've seen in school. I walked down the hallway for what felt like about halfway, turned to the closest door and opened it.

      It opened into a large library. There were bookshelves along all the wall from the floor to the ceiling. I don't really know exactly how high the ceiling was, but a ladder was required to reach the upper shelves. On the shelves there were thousands and thousands of what looked like leather bound books. There were really old antiques placed about the room. The lighting was dim. I thought it was strange for a library. So I left...

      I headed back into the church. Now there were people. It looked as though they were filling in, getting ready for a service. I headed to the back of the church, ignoring all the people who were milling about looking for seating. I went into the left most foyer and immediately turned toward the center foyer. I moved passed the people walked toward the church and into the center foyer. I continued to the rightmost room and toward a door that was closed along the right wall of the foyer. I opened the door and it lead into a tiny parking lot.

      There were about 10 rows of cars, all stack parked three deep. I looked for my car and found it in the rows of cars nearest the rear of the church, furthest from the street. As I was thinking about how to get my car out, I noticed a yellow sports car shoot out of the parking lot. It was heading away from the church, onto a dirt road that wound it's way to the main road. I thought I could do this too, but I noticed these large rocks that were blocking the path. I began moving the rocks. I turned to drop one of the rocks and noticed a cop sitting in his car smoking. He was watching me, which made me a little uneasy. After I noticed him, he got out of his car, walked over to me and leaned on my car, watching me move the rocks. He asked me what I was doing. I told him I was moving these rocks because I wanted to get my car out of the parking lot. He laughed and pointed out a stream. He told me that I would never get my car through there. I looked down a small ravine and was confused as to how I didn't notice that before. The cop walked back to his car, leaned up against it and continued to smoke his cigarette.

      I gave up on getting my car out of the parking lot. So I headed over toward the main street and walked up the sidewalk.

      Then I woke up.

      Second Link
      I stopped walking up the sidewalk and felt like I needed to head back toward the church. On the church property, near the parking lot, there was a large, snow covered slope that lead down into a small ravine (where the stream I didn't notice was). Some kids were sliding down it and I thought I looked fun. So I jumped down and started sliding. I guess I looked like I was out of control, because the kids were screaming for me to be careful. They told me it was steeper than it looked. Though I was going really fast and sliding all over the face of the slope, I felt in total control and I was having fun. I got to the bottom and the kids all ran up to me.

      Then I was riding a bike again. This time I was in the mountain village. I rode up to a house on a corner and went it. It was a restaurant. There were three owners, one of them was a rather large Latino who didn't seem to like me all that much. I offered to buy into the restaurant and become part owner. I told them that I would help to clean up the place and to make better food. They agreed, the Latino reluctantly.

      The restaurant was a mess. The kitchen was a disaster. I told them that I would return the next day and we would begin. I left, got back on my bike and rode off. Then next thing I remember was riding my bike in the morning toward the house. I felt... accomplished. Like I was riding to a job that was "mine".

      Then I was washing dishes, listening to the other three owners yelling at each other. I told them that Gordon Ramsey would be there soon and they better their their shit together. I told them that when he did arrive that we needed to listen to all his suggestions and everything would be alright. But they just kept screaming at each other while I washed dishes.

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    12. Fragments

      by , 06-07-2014 at 06:01 AM (balban's Dream Journal)
      Dream Fragments
      This dream was longer than what I can remember. At least, this is the impression that I am getting when I attempt to remember it. It's there, I just can't bring it all the surface.

      Fragment 1
      I was standing in a small backyard looking at the grass. A stained, wooden face crawls along the perimeter of the yard. The house looked small from where I was standing. There was a large tree to my left as I stood, facing the house, looking at the grass. Something got my attention, but I can't remember what and I don't recall what I did.

      Fragment 2
      I was walking along the right side of the house. It was all concrete and there were children's toys, gardening tools and some potted plants. I could see over the fence into the neighbor's back yard. I remember thinking that I didn't like the neighbor.

      Fragment 3
      I was sitting at large, wooden desk inside the house. There were either huge, bay windows or I could see through the walls. But I was looking at the sky and I saw a helicopter circling above.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    13. Is This Seat Taken?

      by , 06-03-2014 at 05:39 PM (balban's Dream Journal)
      I was in a church pew surrounded by SM's family. I was looking around, worried that whatever I was there for was going to start and my family wasn't there yet. I was also concerned that there would be no seats left for them when they did finally arrive. After that thought finished crossing my mind, I realized that SM's family now had taken up the entire row behind me and left me there to save the seats for my family. These hawkish people kept coming up and asking me if the seats in my pew were taken. I kept telling them that I was saving them, but they kept coming up and asking me.

      Next recollection, I was standing in a small, unfinished house. I got the impression that I was on a miniature golf course and the small house was one of the decorations for one of the holes. I also thought that I was there working on the house. I was looking at the two devices I had in each hand. They sort of looked like digital thermometers, but the numbers on them were large (6 or more digits). The digits were changing, but I can't make any sense of what they were. I could hear SM off in the distance yelling at me to finish the house, but I seemed to have been confused and perplexed over these devices.

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    14. That's Impossible

      by , 06-01-2014 at 06:52 PM (balban's Dream Journal)
      I was on a large plateau over looking a city scape. It was night time and I remember looking out over the lights of the city. I was performing intricate drum beats on a rather large, rectangular drum. It kind of looked like a bed with a tightened bed sheet. I was so focused on my part that I could see the bed sheet vibrating with every strike and it producing the amazing low tone. It was hypnotic in a sense watching the vibrations of the sheet match the vibrations in my chest.

      I looked across from me and I noticed FL beating a drum as well. He was smiling and looking right back at me. Then he brought a joint up to his lips and inhaled deeply. Grinning as he exhaled, he told me that I shouldn't be performing without it. I just chuckled in disbelief that FL was smoking pot. It was/is unimaginable. (I would think this should have made me lucid, but alas... no)

      Suddenly, I was kneeling in MD's room whispering to him that FL was smoking pot and how damn funny it was. We both laughed.

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    15. Castle Crashers

      by , 06-01-2014 at 06:43 PM (balban's Dream Journal)
      Dream Fragment
      I don't recall much other than the environment was like a top down, 2D castle maze that I was moving through. And the whole time, I kept hearing South Park's Cartman screaming "GO, KINGS! GO!"

      I woke up a little annoyed. I felt a sense of urgency in the dream and hearing that over and over was really irritating.

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      dream fragment
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