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    First Lucid Dream!

    by , 02-22-2013 at 03:24 AM (839 Views)
    I'm laying in my bed. My dog is eating some dog food dangerously close to my balls so I reach down and hold his head away from me with my hand while I try to fall asleep again. This is when I get lucid. First of all my dog is never in my room and secondly it was just plain weird. I stand up. The dog is now gone and I think about stabilizing for a second but I go; "whatever, let's go for it". I lift off in the air and I'm now floating a few meters above my bed (my bedroom is very tall). I get an adrenalin rush through my body and my dream starts fading. I try to breath very calmly and I reach out for the wall to stabilize but my stupid arm won't move.
    Next thing I know I'm in a bus non-lucid. I'm on the verge of falling asleep but suddenly I get lucid again. I stand up and go down the bottom of the bus. I try to summon a cute girl but while I'm trying to visualize her my dream fade away again...
    I "wake up" on my madrass (my bed broke some time ago so I'm sleeping on a madrass in the middle of the room. The skeleton of the bed is still standing there). The sheet has fallen off in one end of my madrass. As I'm putting it back on I realize that my madrass is the wrong spot of the room and the 'skeleton' (I honestly don't know a better word to call it than skeleton...) is missing. I get lucid for the third time but I wake up almost immediatly.

    Strangely I have my first lucid dream after a week of complete slacking. I haven't been writing in my DJ for 7 days and lucid dreaming haven't even been on my mind (I have been pretty busy).
    I had been napping for a few hours earlier that day since I was very tired from school. At around 1-1:30 am I was in my bed reading some stuff on my laptop. I got so tired that I just closed the laptop, put it on the floor, rolled over and went to sleep instantly.
    I got almost straight into my dream. I know that for a fact since I woke up at 1:35.

    During the whole dream it felt like I was only half sleeping (more like daydreaming actually) I was very aware of my sleeping body. For instance I could feel my eyes moving rapidly around and I could feel the same tingly feeling all over that you get when trying to WILD.

    I don't know how I could have gone into REM so fast. Perhaps it had to do with my nap even though there was 3-4 hours gap between the nap and my sleep.
    Perhaps it was just guided hypnogogia? But it was so intence that I have a hard time believing it to be just hypnogogia.

    All 3 dreams was very dark. I've read that darkness in dreams can be because of lack of lucidity/stability. It could be the case or it could simply be because it was dark when went to bed and my dream started in my bed etc.

    What did I learn?

    First of all I got an insight into how it feels to be lucid dreaming and I think an insight into how it feels when WILD'ing into a dream.

    I have really good dream control I think. I had no problem at all flying and I'm pretty sure my summoning would have succeeded if the dream didn't change. I think I actually reached a pretty decent level of lucidity since felt clearheaded.

    My stabilization was poor though. Maybe the fact that I was thinking that I needed to stabilize and yet still didn't do it was the reason my dreams fell apart so fast.

    Oh and lastly I remember thinking something a long the lines of "hahahahahah fuck reality checks"

    ps. It was soooo weird to feel my eyes flickering all around my eye sockets.

    pps. I realize that the whole feeling my sleeping body thing could just have been part of the dream but I don't think so since I believe I actually woke up the end because I tried to move my arm of the sleeping body to test it.
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    1. Sensei's Avatar
      Nice lucid! Good job man.

      Yeah, with dream control, don't worry about it and you should be a natural. If you have any problems, ask me, but keep confidence. If trying something doesn't work, stop trying and just do it.

      Congrats! I bet you are stoked right now. I love the feeling after having a good lucid.
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    2. hailss155's Avatar
      What's with the "summoning" thing? Like how do yu do that? And, just like how?
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    3. OpheliaBlue's Avatar
      Hey Bansheet, congratulations on the first lucid. I gotta say, I'm freaking impressed! Not only are you able to regain lucidity after losing it, but you do it a second time. High 5 on that!

      As far as stabilization goes, I don't think anyone really needs it as bad as folks say. It's almost an old wives' tale at this point. As long as you enter a lucid dream and stay calm, and focus on a goal that you want to do, you're golden. I find that as long as I mentally prepare a goal or two when I'm awake, and make myself remember them, my lucid stabilizes itself.

      Still, you really rocked that one out! Remember everything you can about the dream, how you got there, and what you did to prepare for it so that you can repeat the process.
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    4. Bansheet's Avatar
      Thanks guys!
      About stabilization. I've got this annoying feeling that the only reason my dreams fell apart was exactly because I thought about stabilizing...
      I think next time I will try to just stand still for a moment and take it all in. Like when I practice awareness in real life.
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    5. Bansheet's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by hailss155
      What's with the "summoning" thing? Like how do yu do that? And, just like how?
      I knew that it was a dream so I basically just decided that there should be a girl on the bus seat in the back of the bus. The dream faded when I was trying to visualize her though but I'm pretty sure it would have worked cause I was believing a hundred percent that it would. I've read that people use all sorts of teckniques to summon like imagining stuff to appear behind a door etc. so you can also try that I suppose. But ultimately I believe it comes down to what BrandonBoss wrote above: "Stop trying and just do it".

      Find a method that makes sence to you and don't get hung up on teckniques. That's my opinion atleast.
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      Updated 02-22-2013 at 11:02 AM by Bansheet
    6. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Awesome first lucid, Bansheet! Congratulations!!

      If I read this right, you regained lucidity twice after losing it. I like that you hung on madly and got to dramatically extend the experience like that. The issue that I faced in my first LDs was excessive excitement, so the fact that you are already at the point where you can worry about lucidity slipping away and coming back is a victory in itself.

      I have a bit of a theory on stabilization. I think that it is all about how much you allow yourself to get drawn into the dream scene. Taking in the detail of the scene seems to be the key, whether that be through rubbing your hands, moving around more, or simply marveling at the dream world around you. Advanced lucid dreamers seem to do this naturally, while it's hit or miss for me. The key, I believe, is to force your mind to generate the detail that you want by believing that the dream is or will be super-vivid. And if you start expecting it and get your teeth sunk into the world around you (perhaps literally!), it'll probably happen!

      I have really good dream control I think. I had no problem at all flying and I'm pretty sure my summoning would have succeeded if the dream didn't change
      That's great. Never forget how this felt and never forget what you're capable of.