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    Jack white, handball players in my kitchen and causal flight

    by , 01-09-2014 at 03:05 AM (640 Views)
    I finally had a lucid dream in which I didn't wake up almost immediately upon lucidity. Yay for me! :
    It's pretty long even though I feel like I only remember about 60% of it

    Anyway here it is, and sorry it's just a wall of text maybe I'll get around to making it look pretty one day (probably not):

    The earliest thing I remember was that I was having freaking Jack White in my house! (wasn't really my house, but it was in the dream). I was still non lucid at this point.
    He was in the middle of recording a song, but he was blocking my way so I put my hand on his shoulder to communicate that I wanted to pass. There wasn't a lot of room and he tried to keep playing while making room for me to pass. We got all tangled up and he had to stop playing. But it was no problem he just thought it was kinda fun and so did I. One of his crew members however whispered something disrespectful about me to himself though. So I told him "You're in my house so behave nicely". At first he apologized but then the other guy kept the discussion going and I ended up throwing them out. But at this point they had nothing to do with Jack White, Jack White wasn't even there. Instead they where guys from the other end of the country who played handball. Anyway, I told them to get out and they did, I followed them out of the room and we walked into a huge industrial kitchen (was still in my house, guess I must have been rich or something). The area was filled with handball players that had come from all over the country walking around everywhere. Complete chaos.
    Suddenly something happened that I had to move away from quickly. I'm not quite sure what it was but I think maybe something spilled out from a cooking pot or something. Anyway I quickly threw myself backwards and slided along the floor away from whatever it was. For some reason I just kept sliding, must have been some real slippery floor. While sliding I saw a pack of cigarettes on the floor. I picked it up and while I was still sliding I took a cigarette out and lit it.
    I finally stopped gliding and I was sitting next to a girl that used to be in my class like 4-5 years ago. (I never really talked to her or thought anything of her, so I don't really understand what she was doing there). Anyway I notice that my cigarette is roasted (which sucks unless you are about to roll a joint). No problem, I just gave it to the girl and lit a new one (I'm such a gentleman). Damn this was roasted too....
    I give the other useless cigarette to another girl who just appeared and as I do, I remember how my cigarettes are often roasted in dreams and I become lucid.
    Awesome! First thing I think about is that I have to tell my best friend when I meet her in school. And as we all know, in dreams what you think about happens so now I'm together with her and it gets a little blurry here. But the next thing I remember is that we walked into a room filled with instruments and a guy from my class was sitting and playing guitar with some girl I didn't know. We where supposed to have a 2v2 guitar battle against them so I go to pick up a guitar. I find a really cool hollow body electric guitar that looks a little the guitar Jack White uses with a slide.

    But as I pick up the guitar it turns into a contra bass and the others look at me like I don't know what a guitar is. Embarrassing since I'm supposed to be the best guitarist in the room...
    Anyway my friend offers me her guitar and says she'll just play on her toy guitar about the size of a pencil case.
    I take the guitar and sit down. Now the guitar I'm playing is my own guitar from the real world and it's missing a string. But I'm happy cause it's only missing one string (Right now my real guitar has only 3 strings because I'm in a bit of an economical crisis). So 5 strings is pretty good I think and I sit and warm up for the battle by playing inside my head. I play some pretty cool Jack White inspired blues improv, where I play both the rhythm and the lead part at the same time (I actually still remember what I played and if I had more strings on my guitar I could play it right now). It was kinda cool cause I got a lot quicker into my creative state than I usually do. Anyway I'm not sure if my dream just skipped here or if I just don't remember. But the next thing I remember is that my friend and I are sitting in a window. And I tell her that I'm having a lucid dream right now and we talk about how awesome it would be if it was a shared dream (she was totally cool with it, unlike most of the stories I've read in here, probably because she is like that irl as well). I know she has never experienced flying in a dream before so I ask her if she wanna try. I actually don't remember what she said but I pick her up anyway under my right arm and I fly out the window with her. We see the town from Weeds and we fly over it. I can't really seem to get my flying up to speed but then suddenly I manage to accelerate really fast and it felt like an awesome rollercoaster ride except even cooler cause we where flying.
    Now we're back in the building which is now our school (It wasn't anything like my school from irl but it was our school in the dream).

    From here on I don't remember as much detail and there's a lot of missing parts.

    There was some guy, I think he was a cook and that he had made a big cake. We accidentally sit down on his cake and ruin it. He gets really upset but I'm like "it's my dream fuck off, you can't be mad at me". But I eventually feel pity for him and I decide to fix it. I turn towards the cake to restore it with magic. I do motions with my hands kinda like the guys from Star Wars when they try to lift stuff with the power of the force. The cake starts fixing it self slowly from the bottom up as I guide it with my hands but it turns into something else, a statue of Leonardo DiCaprio i think. For some reason the walls are suddenly old and dirty and I go on to clean them up with my magic.
    I end up inside a class room. I remember a dream I had not long ago where I was Spider-Man and the Villains where people I knew it was pretty cool. So I thought that my dream could use a villain as well and I come up with using my most hated teacher from school. And she actually appears. She comes walking through the door and she looks even more evil than usual. Her veins are all dark and very visible. Turns out I didn't enjoy having her in my dream one bit so I left the room.
    I'm now outside some kind of factory and there's a sleazy business man or politician or something like that. I'm sure I knew him from somewhere either from real life or from a movie or something.
    He has dropped his hash pipe. It was filled with some kind of gross foam but in the dream I thought that's just how hash for pipes look (obviously I know that's not true). For some reason I want to throw it away. I don't know why but I think it's linked to something earlier in the dream I don't quite remember but including a hash pipe being thrown away as well.
    As I throw it, he sees me and yells so I fly up in the air. Now I'm just floating in the air thinking about what to do next. I decide to make an attempt at flying to space. So I start flying upwards but I can't seem to gain enough momentum just like earlier. I close my eyes and really focus on speeding up. It works, I can feel that I'm accelerating really fast (felt really cool). Suddenly I stop flying and I open my eyes. It's all dark and I wonder where the stars are.
    This is when I realize I'm staring into my bedroom wall, unfortunately it had awakened me and I never saw space


    Went to bed at 04:30 and woke up at 06:30

    It was one of those nights where you're up all night on your computer and at some point you get so tired that you just shut down the computer, roll over and instantly fall asleep with your clothes still on.

    Which is exactly the conditions I had my few (3) previous lucid dreams under.

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