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    The Nomad Chronicles

    6/19/2013 epic dreams

    by , 06-20-2013 at 03:58 AM (406 Views)
    abridged due to CTS

    I wake up on a cold surface... a cold steel surface, a slab of metal floating... can't... move... I open my eyes... I feel my werelion body, I am strapped down to some kind of table in a cold white room. The straps are... alive?! Some kind of insectoid cyborg GMO parasite slavebot. fuck. They tighten around my wrists like hungry centipedes.

    I hear the clack-clack of cyborg astral demons clanking down a hall outside. shit. They are going to dissect my sould.

    I struggle, but can't move, can't teleport, can't scream. I can only think of one word to shout in my mind: raven.

    I scream Raven's name with all my soul's might, and I feel a dreamquake. A hole is torn open in a wall, and Raven flies into the room riding a winged black panther, as her Shadow Self, Queen of Night all black and spiral horns. She steps off and rips the restraints off me. I try to stand up, and vomit, dizzy. poisoned...? drugged! ..here they come... I barely whisper.

    The astral demons clatter down the hall. Right before they open the door, Raven shoots a black fireball at the door, blowing everything on the other side away. She slings me over her back like a baby, and we fly to the Moon.

    I fall asleep on her back.


    I wake up in the Sick Bay. Winter is holding my hand. Raven enters with Washu and Janet.

    "Nanomachine infection, astral variety."

    I fall asleep.


    I wake up. MoSh is near me with Asuka. "You're going to be okay, buddy." I vomit on myself. He makes it disappear with magic, and gives me a glass of water to drink. I pass out again.


    I return to the astral plane. there are demons hovering around the astral bodies of me my honey, and my cat. I sever their heads from their rusty bodies.


    I am on a battlefield, grieving the loss of my warrior-wife. She hid in my old armor to fight by my side. And now she is dead. I am going to kill them. ALL OF THEM.


    I am alone with don Juan on a mountain.
    Now you are beginning to remember O Padawan, O Sith. Now you must kill me. No. Yes. No, don Juan. I AM IMMORTAL KILL ME NOW. I shove a dagger into his stomach, then his heart, then I slit his throat. He dies, and his body disappears. I vomit and weep. He respawns and laughs at me. I HATE YOU I HATE YOU DON JUAN. GET OUT OF MY DREAMS.

    You're in my dream, asshole. Fuck you, I'm Jesus.


    I am with Carlos Castaneda, Johhny Depp, and HST. We are snorting DMT mixed with mescaline, LSD and datura.

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