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    The Nomad Chronicles

    alien abduction

    by , 07-09-2011 at 08:40 AM (858 Views)
    I wake up, and stretch. I am not at home. I am at home. I am in my bedchamber in the Temple of Nothing, ON THE GREEN MOON. Holy shit. Calm down. I snuggle closer to my lovers. I casually get up, like I do this all the time. I do do this all the time. WHAT THE HELL? I do? I do. Right. I walk to the “bathroom” more of a bath house, and look in the mirror. Yeah... I have a lion-man face. Stripes and spots dance across my face.
    I drink some water from an ornate fountain. I see a swirling vortex portal in the floor, and I shit dark energy into it, and laugh. Man I feel good! I fly up through a hole in the pyramid, and summon a rainstorm, and shower in it. I lick the rain and purr. Angelina teleports next to me, and pets me. She has two big cat guardians which rub up against me.
    Uh... what the fuck?
    An alien grey ship appears out of a portal to another dimension. Every entity inside it feels as godly as Vegeta. The Greys shoot pure astral tentacles out through the sides of their ship, and hook into my chakras. My fur falls off and my body turns grey. My eyes become huge and black. Angelina launches her white tigers at the ship, but I call them off. Angelina is confused.
    “I’ll be fine!” I wave, and disappear into the wormhole. I am terrified, yet fascinated. I teleport on to their ship.
    It is all chromed and smooth on the inside.
    “You missed your last two reports, brother. Now we must open you up.”
    They freeze me, and a strange cyborg machine wheels in, and opens up my abdomen as if it’s all robotic. It is all robotic.
    “What you are seeing is your brain trying to make sense of the raw data encased in your dream body. You have no guts or robotic parts here, only energy.”
    I remember now... I just feel... weak...
    I go into semi-consciousness, fading in and out.
    I wake up screaming in the Healing Glen.
    The Greys are standing all around me, along with the Frost Giant.
    “You told me they were benign,” he says, leaning on a staff. Wait, why is he- why does he look greyish?”
    I wake up for real on their spacecraft. I am strapped to a table. Goddamnit. This is the physical plane, isn’t it? Yes. No goddamned powers. Fucking wakeworld bullshit. How the fuck do I get out of here. I just- I inhale, and the restraints pop off my chest. I somehow have this intense chi... I feel it, right behind my eyeballs. I focus heat on my wrist restraints, and begin to weaken them with increasing heat. I focus a total vibration to make the heat reflect about an eigth of an inch above my skin so I don’t get burned.
    I grow into a great red demon, and become Hellboy suddenly. Okay, maybe this is a dream? But, it looks so real. Fuck it, I am going to kick some alien ass. I storm down the hallway, smashing shit.
    “I want to know what the fuck is going on, assholes!” I roar. Alarms go off. They run down the hall and shoot some type of sound frequency which knocks out my nervous system, and I collapse instantly. “goddamm you ath holth... “ I drool. Then a tall female one communicates with me telepathically.
    Listen, brother, we gave you the Christ gene of Compassion, which is something our species does not understand. We find it fascinating. Every once in a while, a Grey is created that is more individualistic and what you would call, ‘caring.” This Captain whose genes were bonded to yours was of that type. We have been doing experiments with your people, mixing our genes, for we are dying out due to our “lack of compassion,” as you would call it. Of course, we do not look at it like that. We realize we are the most intelligent species on our planet. So, we genetically engineered ourselves to be even more and more intelligent. We crafted our bodies to prolong our lives, and to induce whatever brainwave state we wish at any time. We gave ourselves the ability to turn on and off different hormones. Some people became addicted to their hormones, and they died off. The ones who survived usually do not use a lot of their hormones. We have become very powerful. We mathematically, precisely, recrafted our planet exactly how we wanted it to be. We took the best genes we could from everything for our species. Maybe because of this “selfish” endeavor, we lost the ability to care for other species, only looking at them for the genetic potential. We destroyed our planet with our genetic engineering, but by that time we had the ability to make portable planetoids, spaceships out of asteroids. We live in the Asteroid Belt, well some of us. We, as you call, the Greys, are a very Diverse race. Each asteroid, planetoid, ship, has its own culture. We are many Hive Minds. As descendants of insects, we see death as nothing. We just discard the bodies after taking what we can for genes. It becomes soil, food for our plants.”
    “You eat?”
    “Sometimes. We don’t eat the way you do, we absorb food. You have a lot of questions.”
    “Is this a dream?”
    “Why don’t you do a reality check?”
    I do a nose RC. It works at first, then I cough. I can’t do it. I look at my hands. I have great red demon hands.
    ‘You can shapeshift in the physical plane in this Dimension, brother.”
    “What the fuck? Where am I?”
    The alien starts saying a bunch of numbers. I say that means nothing. Then, I am shown a bunch of star maps, our solar system, then, we skip to another arm of the galaxy through a wormhole, and I am shown an earth very similar to ours. I realize I am inside part of the Moon, looking out of a window or crater. I feel so disoriented, I vomit. Nanobots appear out of the floor, and spray some type of enzymatic gel over the vomit which immediately breaks it down, and it vaporizes into the air with a puff that smells like strange flowers. Then, a tiny robot appears, and vaccuums up the remains: a tiny pile of dust.
    “Thank you for the compost, Brother,” the alien says matter-of-factly. “We pulled you into this physical dimension through the Dream Plane, because it’s easier to simply incarnate your dream body into a temporary physical blank rather that risk damaging the only physical body you have in your Home Dimension.”
    “You are blowing my mind.”
    “Would you like a tissue?”
    “Uh,” I laugh. “Wait, is that a joke?”
    “Yes,” I feel the alien wryly grin. “I have been working on this “humor” for about two centuries, and I have made some progress, however small.”
    “I sense you have been fed a lot of bullshit by the gods of lies. Yes, that happens. If you want to understand us, first we must be able to have some kind of mutual understanding, some type of real communication. In your value system, you believe “love,” or “compassion” to be the most valuable thing. But, why do you always kill each other? The only time we kill each other is if another person is dying, has lost their mind, is old, or if the person feels their existence is unnecessary. So, when we kill others of our kind, it’s a deliberate culling process. But, this idea of killing for, “love” love of another person, or of tribe, or nation, seems to us, contradictory. You people are very primitive in your technology, but your race is very adaptable, genetically, being the mutts of the galaxy. Also, your immune systems have resistances to many intergalactic bacteria. The war we have been fighting against the microverse has exhausted our species to the point of death. We have mastered ourselves. We returned to our planet, and cared for it with mathematical precision, helping things to evolve quickly, but, in our meddling, we upset the balance of nature. Again, many of us had to leave and live on asteroids for centuries while we let our planet lie fallow.
    “And when we returned, a Hive Mind with quadrillions upon quadrillions of creatures had invaded our planet: a bacteria. This bacteria is a gene-eater. It absorbs genes of its host to disguise itself as it infects the entire being. It is being controlled by a sentient mind even more powerful than ours due to its longetivity. It is 100 million times older than Our Mind. Therefore, we look to you, dear human, as our Experiment, and Savior. We would like to appear as the Compassionate Ones that we are supposed to be, but for that, we need some human genes from a creature that does not want to kill other humans. We will insert these genes back into ourselves in order to become more human, and in order to understand your people more."
    For some reason, at that moment I did not feel human at all. I felt like an ancient creature, tired, wise, and patient. “I offer you my genes in exchange for yours, my Sister,” I hear myself saying. I feel like I am creeping myself out.
    I am led down a hall... and the dream changes. Is my perception altering? A stone wall... sandstones in a castle... or pyramid... a pyramid. We descend down steps in robes. The aliens are wearing white robes, and my big red demon self a black and white one with gold birds on it. I am led to a large room shaped like an inverted ziggurat. There is a woman tied to a large stone slab. She is also gagged. She doesn’t seem to struggle. There are other humans around her, tying her knots loosely. The bow when they see us, then panic and run away. The aliens chant, then leave us. I undo the ropes, then I realize they are tied to nothing. She giggles, and wraps her arms around me, kissing me. We make love in the depths of the pyramid by torchlight. Suddenly we are back on the alien ship. We are two Grey aliens. “Did we just have sex?” I say to the female alien.
    “Of a type.” She shows me how our tongues come out, and sex cells are passed through small holes in the tongue. “My eggs are almost ready. I feel them,” she smiles. A handful of eggs like frog eggs come out of a hole in her belly. She shows them to me, then leaves the room. I follow her to an incubation area. She puts the eggs in a drawer, and slides the drawer shut.
    “What happens to our eggs?”
    “They grow.”
    “But, our children?”
    “There is no ‘our’ children, only Children.”
    “What did I just do?”
    “Gene exchange. Now you will morph.”
    “Yes, your physical body, your genes of your body on your home planet is going to morph because of the code we implanted in your mind. This code will alter your mind and brain to change your code to be more enhanced. You psionics and compassion will increase. This will inevitably bring more hardship into your life.”
    “You are welcome. From these lessons, should you learn from them, you will gain wisdom required to be one of Us.”
    “What do you mean?”
    “Please be patient. You are on a Mission, Captain. Your alien Christ genes are here to show the world love. We need you to be compassionate on us, or we will die. We need this to adapt to a changing universe. We will train you as you progress. Do not tell anyone about these visits that we have.”
    “Why not? I am going to do it.”
    “Fine. You have, free will, Half-Breed, but I will warn you that most people will think you are crazy for revealing any of this.”
    “It doesn’t matter, this is just a dream.”
    “I’m real,” she says and slaps my face.
    I slap my own face. OW! I do a nose pinch... doesn’t work.. .goddammit.
    “Go home,” she says, and grabs my face, kissing it.
    I wake up in the Temple of Nothing, a tiger-man kissing a pillow.

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    1. Micael's Avatar
      interesting, any unusual feelings upon awakening (for real)?
    2. Robo's Avatar
      It's so weird... while I was reading this I forgot that it wasn't my dream, I'm not sure what to think anymore... my logic and feelings are clashing, I don't know what is real anymore... so weird...
    3. MadMonkey's Avatar
      “You are blowing my mind.”
      “Would you like a tissue?”
      “Uh,” I laugh. “Wait, is that a joke?”
      “Yes,” I feel the alien wryly grin. “I have been working on this “humor” for about two centuries, and I have made some progress, however small.”
    4. dreamerJon23's Avatar
      About opening up ur body and it being androidic or connected to holographic frameworks that is very common with alien dreams. I've had some pretty deep REM with them myself and visited they're realm, it was like an Akashic planet.