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    The Nomad Chronicles

    Ancient Ties

    by , 12-24-2013 at 04:08 PM (441 Views)
    I am sitting on my throne in the Temple of Nothing, I, Juargawn (War-gawn) God of Nothing, in the City of Nowhere, in the Land of Nod on the Green Moon. I am the great werecat, now, a black were lion pondering the purple grapes I am eating. I stare at a grape. Condensation forms on it as I watch. I pop it in my mouth. It feels so tiny in my big lion head. I pop the whole bunch of grapes in my mouth. I feel them burst and I bite into them, and grape juice runs down my throat. I sip a gallon stein of mead, and then roll up a big fat joint as the gangja falls into my hand from a special tiny ganja cloud above my head. I lick the organic hemp paper. This joint has about three ounces in it, because I am a big ass werelion, after all. lol, this fucking joint is epic. Win.
    I blow a small puff of fire on the end, and light it up. I feel the smoke fill my huge lungs, and I puff out a flying dragon shape which flies through a sunbeam lighting up the scrying pool here at the top of the ziggurat. My High Priest, the Great Undead Something-Rather, Sarnox The Great, stares into the pool.
    "Well, brother, something's amiss. Eris, goddess of Khaos, has been kidnapped by Cthulu."
    "That makes no fucking sense."
    "God, I was joking!"
    "High Priest, your jokes suck. Hark, I hear a Dreamer calling!"
    I walk to the Mirror, and wave my wand over it, and it ripples like mercury. I see Raven on the other side of the Moon in the Biodome sitting on the bench by the koi pond watching the fish. She looks sad. Big tears jump out of my eyes. I step through the mirror.
    She hears me come through the portal. We make eye contact, and telepathically communicate, saying a lot through images and emotions in one second.
    She runs to me, and we hug, and she buries her face in my chest. "I feel like a little girl right now, because you're so big."
    I morph into a purple jaguar cub with little wings and she picks me up and sits down on the bench. "Aw, you're so cute." She pets me and I purr.
    "It's the Dream Depression... I think in a way, it never leaves," I tell her with my mind. "Let's admit it, the Dreamworld, or Dream Plane is so much better than the Wakeworld. Here we have the power of gods!"
    I jump off her lap, and morph into Loki, like a dark jester mage in yellow and black. I jump up and hover 20 feet in the air above the pond. I juggle fireballs, and then eat them. I burp and a fireball comes out. Raven laughs and claps.
    I fly in a horizontal position about six feet above the pond and shoot lightning out of my fingertips into the water. Raven claps, and I bow, and rabbits and pigeons fall out of my hat on to the water, then the animals walk across the water and jump up into her lap.
    I walk on the water to her. "Oh wow, who are you now, Jesus?"
    "Oh, we're all Jesus, the Devil, Mary, Buddha, Eris, whatever. We're all part of this one Thing, but I think it kinda sucks, the God-mind or whatever Beings made Earth. Why is it so shitty? Seriously."
    "I don't know Nomad."
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