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    The Nomad Chronicles

    Attack on The Green Moon

    by , 04-18-2013 at 07:39 PM (495 Views)
    I stretch and wake up slowly into the dream. No Templars around, at least, not in the immediate vicinity. There are a couple flying in the sky riding their silly pegasi. The bubble of protection is working. I kiss WinterFae's cheek, and open a portal to the Moon. I see a huge battle on the other side. I step through. On the other side, I am in my spaceship, Future's Hope. The Templars are mounting a full frontal assault on the entire Green Moon. The Moon Orks Castle, The Biodome, and The City of Nowhere are under attack.
    Raven tells me to command the forces of Nowhere, she has the defense of the Biodome. I see MoSh and Tigress rocket off the Moon in their spaceships. They say they and Pablo are going to mount a counter-attack at The Silver Tower, the Templar's space station base.
    I teleport to the City of Nowhere, my jungle pyramid city on the other side of the Green Moon. Templars on Pegasi are flying all over the outside of the city. The Moai heads in the wall are going off shooting lasers out of their eyes.
    Island warriors riding winged pigs and flying sharks throw flaming spears at the Templar knights. The monster under the Temple has risen from the ground, and its green slimy tentacles pluck enemies from the air.
    I summon a rainstorm, then a lightning storm, to soak then electrify their steel armor. I blast the Conch of Pan, and slam my Green Lantern ring into my palm. "Distress, Green Lantern number: 666999, Sector: Urth, Name: Nomad Nocturne, Nature of Distress: Full Scale Attack, Enemy: Illuminati Templar Knight, Dream Plane, White Lawful," broadcasts the ring.
    An Army of Dream Warrior Corps and Green Lantern Corps appear out of Portals. The Green Lanterns grab the Pegasi and toss them into an equine dimension. The Dream Warriors pluck the Templars off their steeds and throw them into worlds full of only Templars.
    The Battle is over. Every cheers. There is damage to the City. Little stone golems fly around the city, repairing it. I fly to my Temple, and go inside. I look in the standing mirror. I see Raven on the other side, looking at the fish in the koi pond. I step through.
    "Battle over that quickly?"
    "Huh? The battle for the Biodome was over hours ago."
    "Really? Weird time dilation thing."
    "Weird. Check this out, the battle somehow stimulated the Biodome and the plants in it to grow stronger."
    I look around. I can literally see the plants growing taller and broader.
    "Hmm... my body's sore... my neck in waking life, I think. Let's go to the volcanic hot pools."

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