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    The Nomad Chronicles

    behold the wizard

    by , 06-09-2013 at 08:25 PM (423 Views)
    DJ of Waking Nomad
    Abbreviated due to CTS

    Behold the wizard.
    I awake and cast an AoE Sacred Flame Spell over Winter and I.
    Raven comes out of a portal.
    We go to the Moon and do mutual healing.
    I train elemental wizard powers: Fire: Ice: Dark and Light.
    I strap on the Moon Energy Boots Selene gave me and open a portal to Hell.
    I run through Urthan hell shouting at Nevergawn to challenge me in battle.
    Raven tries to pull me back, but then she lets me go. She says I have too much neg. energy.
    I find the great Archdemon: Nevergawn sitting on his throne with his great smug pigface grimacing at me. I cast a earthrending spell of darkness, cracking the cavern, splitting his throne in half. He roars at me and charges.
    I teleport behind him and infect him with me red rage. He runs smack into a wall. I infect him with me dark energy. He gets sucked into a black hole, the hole in my chest, Demon, I, Deathgawn. I roar to the heavens that I am now the God of Thisworld. I am the Devil, I am the Christ. I am that I am Jesus Satan Christ, Devilgod, Evil-Good. I pick up Nevergawn’s Scepter, and Proclaim myself King of Thisworld Hell, Lord of All Demons. I shout at the all the demons of Hell to challenge me for the throne of the Underworld. Demons with swords and claws, fangs and hammers swarm me, hundreds, then thousands. I slay them all with my baby dragons and three swords. I grow six more arms to fight them all. I laugh and dance as I kill them all. I imbue myself with the power of angels, and morph into an angeldemon.
    I kill them. ALL. Then, a host of angels come to challenge me, and I slay them all as well. Feathers everywhere.
    I stride up to the throne. There is a black hole portal on it, Nevergawn is sucking me in. I get pulled in. I fight the suck inside the wormhole, to no avail, Nevergawn is not just pulling me into another dimension, I am being sucked into the Inner World of the Devil himself.
    What I see is revolting beyond measure. Every atrocity thinkable, I witness. I feel like vomiting. Instead I feel sorry for Nevergawn, how disgusting he is, how much self-hatred. I feel compassion, and chant, OM MANI PADME HUM. I morph into a Shaolin Monk, and run through the madness of blood and pain around me, a maze of filth, and find the Inner Child of Nevergawn. He looks like a pure white little baby. I place my hand on his forehead, and communicate with his Inner Buddha. Golden power comes into the baby, and it morphs into a golden demon boy. He tells me he is going to heal Nevergawn from the inside out, and it will take 1000 Earth years. I teleport out into the Hell, and I see demons fighting over the throne. I laugh as they keep getting sucked into Nevergawn’s Inner World. I teleport back to the Moon, and Raven does fire healing on me. Mahalo.
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