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    The Nomad Chronicles

    Bruce Lee, demigod

    by , 08-07-2013 at 10:27 PM (984 Views)
    I am meditating on the Mountain in the Biodome.

    Bruce Lee appears before me, floating on a cloud. He steps off the cloud, and looks me in the eyes with his steely gaze. I feel overwhelmed with emotion. Bruce punches me in the stomach, and laughs as I go flying back. He rushes at me. I rush at him, then he throws me behind him into a tree. Then a flurry of punches, like a storm, like rain beating the ground, epic Chinese fists are beating my soul.

    I grab his right arm, and kick him in the calf. He laughs again.

    He asks me so many questions simultaneously, I wonder if its some kind of attack. I feel confused. Bruce raps me on the forehead, and I knock out. I wake up a few seconds later, to bruce lee, standing over me, laughing, offering a hand up.

    "when the student is ready. the teacher will appear."
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    1. EbbTide000's Avatar
      Hi WakingNomad

      How are you? I hope things are getting better and you can use your fingers more and more without pain.

      Shadowofwind mentioned that you had ideas about precog dreaming.

      Look at post 12 of my thread called:




      If it don't hurt too much, could you explain your thoughts on precog dreaming please WakingNomad?
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    2. EbbTide000's Avatar
      OMG WakingNomad

      I just read your dream.

      I think YAD is Bruce Lee (hehehe) Yad can precog dream, put a Triangle on a dream character's forhead (in the precog dream) then, weeks later in the physical world, when the precog dream manifests, the red triangle apears on a physical guys forehead.

      Watch Out

      You Are Dreaming is comming for U WakingNomad (hehehe)
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    3. Ginsan's Avatar
      That sounds pretty cool man o.0 I have a question: what happens when you meditate in a lucid dream?