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    The Nomad Chronicles

    Dark Elf Incarnation

    by , 11-07-2012 at 02:59 AM (935 Views)
    (Deep Dream State) Raven and I are astride two great armored war-horses on a mountain overlooking an ocean and a small town. The dwellings are mud domes with vines growing over them. We are Dark Elf Paladins. Her armor is black and gold. My armor is crimson and gunmetal green. The scene reminds me of a place in another lifetime, a past life perhaps? I get a vague image in my head of a shore on another planet…
    “Nomad?” Raven asks. “Are you paying attention?”
    “Apologies, my sister.”
    “I was saying how lovely it is to return home to the land of our mothers. Shit! Look yonder!”
    I shapeshift my eyes into the eyes of a hawk, and spy in the distance a band of orcs riding winged wargs. A rush of wind, and we are skyborn. Our horses’ wings beat like spirit drums as we gain altitude above the orcs.
    One of them is shouting… Shit, they have a hostage, a small elf girl. I cast my chaosring’s energy behind the orc, and my astral pet, Jo appears behind the orc, in the form of a zombie crocodile bull terrier with eight legs. He bites the orc on the back of its neck. The orc screams in pain, and drops the hostage. We nose dive to gain speed, then swoop up and grab the girl. We soar over the town, and then alight in the square. I set the girl down on the ground. I look up to see Raven casting a shield spell over the town.
    Raven and I fly through the blue transparent magical field and into the fray. Giant Eagles have joined us in the fight against the Winged Warg Riders. They pull the orcs off the Wargs and drop them. Our horses breathe fire and acid on the orcs. The orcs that are left retreat. We return to the town to find the townspeople killing an orc that made it into the town before the shield went up. We land in the square and dismount. I feel dizzy. Raven looks at me concerned. “Nomad?”
    “Huh?” Why does Raven have violet skin and yellow eyes? Why is her hair white? I look at my hands. I have lavender skin. I touch my ears. Pointed. I pinch my nose. I can’t breathe through it.
    “Raven. This is real. This is not a dream. We are incarnate in another dimension.”
    She smiles at me, and a tear runs down her face as she steps softly to me, and whispers, “I know.” I feel myself going out of body, and I faint, falling into her arms. I hear Xaphor laughing somewhere, and all goes black.

    I awake, but I am nowhere… I recognize this place, this nowhere place. Nothing to see, or feel, or touch, just blackness, but I hear a voice… in my head? Xaphor?
    Yes, brother.
    Where am I, Dream Guide?
    You know where you are, brother.
    The Great Black Void.
    Yes. You are in the Eye of the White Fish of Babalon. All Empires crumble, brother. So will your Empire on the Moon, and All will and Is and Was One, Here and Now in the Great White and Black Voids which encompass the All-ness of All and the One Ness of Nothing, the Interconnectedness of All the Things, and the Beauty of Sentient Individuality. You can’t breathe, you don’t exist. You are so tiny, tinier than an electron, now brother. Your significance on earth is a reflection of the significance of all life. All life is sacred. All life is dying. We are circling back to the center of the lemniscate, so don’t jump off the crazy train yet. The interdimensional War of the Ages is just getting started, and I see balloons in the future lots and lots of balloons.
    Xaphor’s draconic laughter echoes in my head as I awake. I am lying in a bed somewhere… I see Raven sitting on a stool, looking at me. “I thought you were about to wake up. You’ve been asleep for three days.” Raven is wearing a dress of a woven plant fiber… and she has violet skin and pointed ears. I look at my hands. Elf.
    “Raven, how are we here? Did we leave Otherworld permanently?” I panic.
    “Relax brother, here drink some water.” I drink, and take a deep breath. “I don’t think it works that way. I don’t really know that much about Otherworld, but I know it’s a nice place, something like this, but the magic is… twisted?”
    “We had a Mission… I think? I am supposed to go back there through a dream, and do something… I can’t remember.”
    “Hmm… that’s interesting. I like this world, I think, so much better.”
    A portal opens in front of us. Mosh is talking to us through it. He says the Green Moon is under attack. Raven and I morph into Queen of Night and Timelyst Knight, then jump in the portal. We tumble out into the sky above the Green Moon. Moon Orcs attacking us?
    A fireball narrowly misses us. “Jus fer fun, laddy! Ye need ter sharpen yer skills, boy! An axe spins through the air at me, and I repel it with a wind spell. Raven and I laugh and leap into the fray. Mosh morphs into a great Naga and breathes green flame on the orcs. After a few minutes of battling, the orcs say they’re hungry, so we create a feast in the jungle.
    The Moon Orcs (or Russian Dreamhackers) tell us the Underground is even stronger and they have been finding more Dreamwalkers. They tell me the KGB is always watching them, but they don’t care anymore. If they die, they are going to live on the Moon.
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    1. EbbTide000's Avatar
      Green Moon won the race that stops the nation, yesterday, Nomad.

      Green Moon won the Melbourne Cup here in Australia.
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    2. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      Green Moon won the race that stops the nation, yesterday, Nomad.

      Green Moon won the Melbourne Cup here in Australia.

    3. EbbTide000's Avatar
      My recent post from another dream site;

      I think, there is only the Eternal Beloved (the matrix).

      To love and serve "me", "the eternal beloved" pretends to be what ever I love (or hate or fear) just to be with me (on my terms) in dreams, deep daydreams and waking life sync's.

      Mum is gone. Or, mum has her own relationship with the matrix. If mum dreams of me it's not me.

      If you (any one of you) dream of me, it's not me. It is the eternal beloved (matrix). And if there is only 2 Beings in the whole universe (You and the eternal beloved) then, thats why outer-world syncs happen very profoundly.

      I don't get it either but it will get clearer and clearer, I hope.