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    The Nomad Chronicles

    Dark Tower Dream: Roland's story

    by , 04-13-2013 at 12:41 AM (565 Views)
    I awake near a campfire on the ground. Raven is here, so is WinterFae, Roland, and some other people. Roland tells us what the zombie wolves are. As he tells us the story, we see the pictures in the smoke and in our minds.

    The zombie wolves are actually men. Men, Templars from other dimensions that became wraiths in their world, forever bound to the astral plane by killing themselves in order to induce a trauma to their soul and bind themselves to the twilight plane of the astral.
    They have animated the bodies of mutant wolves, half-dead in order to kidnap children and steal their dreams. The Wraith-Templars want everyone to stay on the astral plane and go no further when they sleep, for on the astral, the Templars can torture people and feed of their pain energy.

    I lean forward and reach for a firebrand. I stare at the flame on the end of the stick. I slowly put the flame close to my right hand. Raven shouts, "Nomad, you'll hurt yourself!"
    "I have to see!" I burn myself right where my RC tattoo is in Wakeworld. I cry out in pain, and toss the firebrand into the fire. "Nomad-Nyne, what are you doing?" cries WinterFae.
    "I have to see." I look at my hands. They look normal except for the burn, which is now blistering. I pinch my nose...can't breathe through it. I try to fly. I can't. I try to shoot fireballs. I can't. I pick up an empty can, toss it into the air, and throw a knife right into it with a loud clang. "...and we are all good shots..." echoes in my head.
    "This is real," I whisper, and faint. Raven catches me.
    I wake up some time later. Raven and WinterFae are looking over me. "This is real, isn't it?"
    "Yes, brother, this is real, this land, this ka-tet, this world. And the quicker you accept that, the quicker we can-" Roland raises his gun and points it at me- no- behind me. A bullet whizzed past my ear, and into the head of a strange templar-wraith.
    We look around. No one else, a scout.
    "Okay, friends, let's move!" Roland shouts. We quickly pack up camp, and move out from the woods to a cool desert plain.

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