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    The Nomad Chronicles

    The Dark Tower Quest

    by , 04-07-2013 at 01:47 AM (346 Views)
    I tumble out of a portal on to the back of a black horse. Raven is riding next to me, riding a white horse. We are running across a desert. Mosh on a green horse, Tigress on an orange, and Pablo on a red, all riding. Roland, and some of the other characters who's names I can't remember are riding with us, too. We are being hunted by giant zombie wolves, the size of horses. These must be the Wolves of the Calla. I hear the wolves speaking to me in my mind, like humans, saying disgusting things. I repel their psychic attacks. We turn, and blast the wolves with our revolvers and crossbow. We pick a few off, but there are a dozen, and gaining on us. I try to summon my dream shields, but I can't. Raven tells me we are not in a dream, this is a real life in another dimension. Our powers are limited. We might die, and if we do, we leave this dimension, and come back at a later time. But, she's talking to me telepathically... okay, we have some powers. And our accuracy is eagle-eye.
    (to be cont'd)

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