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    The Nomad Chronicles

    demon - notes

    by , 03-16-2011 at 09:57 PM (597 Views)
    I float up out of my bed. I see a bunch of demons around me. They look benevolent. hmmm..

    I walk to the mirror, and see my demon face in it. I laugh. He reaches through and grabs me. I am yanked into another dream... a Colloseum in Hell.

    I battle my demon self, and kick his ass, then I absorb him.

    I go to the Hades where Raven, Angel, and I (one more person, I forgot who) are rulers of it.

    I make the templars pick more flowers for a hellish bouquet of DOOM.

    Raven reminds me we are supposed to go see the Big Guy.

    We go, he says I am infected.

    We do healing in the Glen.

    A bunch of red and dark energy parasites squirm out, and are eaten by lizards and toads.

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    1. Polarity's Avatar
      Nomad, who was this Big Guy?
      Yesterday I had a dream where someone talked about a big guy. Should record this dream in my dream journal.

      EDIT: 03/15/2011 - Heil! - Dream Journals - Dreamviews Lucid Dreaming Community & Resource
      Updated 03-16-2011 at 11:41 PM by Polarity
    2. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      The Big Guy is the Frost Giant, The Crystal Golem, the Stone Golem, the King of the North. MoSh, Raven and I each perceive him differently. It seems to be a commonality among really powerful godlike entities.
    3. saltyseedog's Avatar
      I saw a big red furry guy on moon. He didn't liKe me. :/
    4. ty4TheAdventure's Avatar
      Could the infection have been caused by you absorbing your demon self?
    5. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      Could the infection have been caused by you absorbing your demon self?

      My Demon Self is an aspect of me, not a separate entity. For it to be apart from me means I am not whole. So, no.

      Parasites are non-sentient entities which feed on negative energy such as rage or sadness. If you have an excess of this energy, parasites not only come to feed on the excess, but once infecting your dream body, they stimulate the type of energy that they feed on.