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    The Nomad Chronicles

    Dreamwalker Tribe

    by , 11-27-2012 at 05:08 PM (410 Views)
    I am meditating in my Meditation Room in BanYanLand in the Biodome on the Green Moon. Xaphor appears in the mirror, and grins at me.

    Thou shall create unto me a great shadowy society of Dreamwalkers, O Nomad, Son of Gawn. All across Urth, your connections shall slowly increase in strength. In time, we will usher in the Atlantis. Us, the great Dreamers of the the New Aeon. Our chakras our spinning in time, brother. Now look upon Urth.

    Then, Gawn takes me to The Mountain in the Biodome, and shows me Urth in the future. Great Oneiromancers are a glowing red energy as are their connections. First, a few, connections becoming stronger, later more and more appear. Dream dragons fly to and fro through Urth, awakening more Dreamwalkers. Dream guides appear out of the ground, kissing dreamers on their foreheads.

    I feel like crying, laughing, collapsing, but I simply watch in fascination. The Dreamnet becomes stronger as more red lights appear and connect. Then, the Dreamnet vibrates at multiple harmonic frequencies, and I see chord-colors, and sounds of chanting and laughing resonate through Urth, bathing the planet with rainbow love. Urth vibrates and belches. Disharmonic energy vibrates in time with the harmonic, and submits to the gently overwhelming energy of the organic dream-love.

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    Tags: xaphor


    1. AnimusMessor179's Avatar
      This dream resonates with me.