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    The Nomad Chronicles


    by , 09-02-2011 at 11:12 AM (509 Views)
    I am a white lion-man with tawny markings on my body standing on a corner of the Temple of Nothing on the Moon. I look to the horizon. A massive wave approaches, a great tsunami, and crashes over the wall of my city, and floods it. People run out, and fly through the roofs of buildings. Raven appears.

    "Nomad? What the hell is going on?"

    I look at her sadly.

    "You can make it stop!"

    I shake my head no, and dive into the raging surf, transforming into a merman. Raven follows me, transforming into a mermaid.

    "Nomad! Wake up! What's wrong with you?"

    "We can only go with the flow. The end is here."

    A volcano bursts up from the ocean floor. We fly through the water, and into the sky, and further out into space. The Green Moon grows suddenly, and the land cracks and separates. Water gushes out of the earth, and covers the low places. The entire planetoid is in complete chaos.

    Everything is dying, everything is being made new. I scream, and morph into a butterfly-centipede larva, then a cocoon, then I break out of it with a burst of energy. "I ask the Black Sun to endarken me!" I shout. The Black Suns inside Urth, the Green Moon and the Grey Moon shoot dark energy into me, and I allow it to wash over me. I let it fuse with my entire being, and every energy type I can feel until I am in complete balance.

    Raven and I fly back down to Planet Moon. It's beautiful. There are huge freshwater oceans teeming with life, and floating islands on the water and in the sky. Creatures are evolving.

    "Planet... Io..."

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