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    The Nomad Chronicles

    The Epic Shit of the Ages (morning of 10/24)

    by , 10-26-2013 at 02:49 AM (878 Views)
    I leap out of my physical body in werelion form. There are a circle of Dark Templar wraith surrounding me with glowing red eyes. They say something about wanting to talk, I respond with a mighty roar, grabbing the nearest Templar, and ripping his head off. I drop the body, and smash the head into the skull of the nearest living Templar. I cast a shield of protection over sleeping Winter and a battle ensues. I hear a sound like the ripping open of a mountain, and I see a tear in the fabric of time and space above me, and a portal forms. Raven flies out riding a black winged jaguar. She has two spiraling horns growing out of her head, and she is wielding a black staff with a wooden raven carved on the top. She roars like a lion, lifting her staff to the sky, and a thunderstorm spirals out of the staff. Lightning strikes her staff, and charges it. Raven multiplies into 256 copies of herself and flies around the battlefield attacking the Templars with lightning. Her laughter echoes off the mountains. I run with the speed of electrons ripping limbs off of our enemies.
    I hear another strange sound, like an earthquake, and I see Winter rise up, floating in a vertical position, eyes closed. Fairy wings sprout from her back, her eyes pop open and two white light beams shoot out. She grins deviously and says, "I'm a Dark Fairy!" She spins a white staff around, and slams it on the ground. Her pale skin becomes a dark violet, and her irises turn red. She flies madly through the battle, blowing icy bubbles which trap the Templars, and then shrink, crushing them into gooey messes of blood and ectoplasm.
    I then hear a rumble, like a sleeping dragon growling. A mountain moves, no, its a great green dragon. "MoSh?"
    "Hello brother. Long time no see."
    "Looks like you need help."
    The Templars attack MoSh, crawling over him like army ants. He roars in anger. I transform into a swarm of flying were-ants, and rip them limb from limb.
    The Templars form into a giant wraith, and I continue my swarm attack. MoSh breathes green acid on the creature, melting his armor, Raven shoots lightning at his eyeballs, and the red orbs fall out of his head, and go out. Winter freezes his hands, and they crumble and fall apart. Then a big cat paw comes out of the sky, smashing him like a housecat killing a mouse. Tigress?
    "Size is relative," she smiles from the sky.
    The battle is over.
    A cute litte fox runs to us, and drops strange red gems at our feet. "I stole these from the Templar demons!" he grins.
    "Pablo? Thank you, friend!"
    "Hmm... We should have these analyzed before we do anything with these," says Raven, putting the gems into glass jars.
    "Wow," I say. "Raven, is this real?"
    "Of course!" she laughs. I yawn, and everything fades to white.
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    1. Raven Knight's Avatar
      Cool! I only wish I could remember it!
    2. floatinghead's Avatar
      awesome! great to see you posting and sharing dreams again!
    3. Aeolar's Avatar
      Ditto ^
    4. mowglycdb's Avatar
      Pablo reporting in, haha, I don't remember about this dream though.