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    fake Keiko, bathroom frag, lucid dream THeta (rewrite)

    by , 07-18-2011 at 07:28 PM (923 Views)
    I could not finish this due to pain in my left wrist. I spend sometimes hours a day writing. I decided I must purchase an ergonomic keyboard, which I did. I recommend this to everyone. Also, bring your awareness to your body. Are you thirsty or hungry? Drink water, eat, use the bathroom. Are you hunching over? Sit up straight, yet balanced. Place your feet flat on the floor. Take a break, go outside and get some fresh air, then come back. Are you sitting up straight? How easily we lose physical awareness. How easily we lose dream awareness.

    Learning Dream Skills in my Theta Mind

    I am in a building with elaborate neoclassical architecture. I am on a high floor and there are English policemen saying I am going to get a ticket and go to jail for my outlandish behavior.

    I see the Interdimensional Witch in the crowd smirking at me.

    I realize I am dreaming. Surge. Calm down.

    The policeman shoves the ticket at me, ordering me to sign it. "I don't have to sign shit. I am not going to jail. This is my dream." The police move to arrest me, but I just ignore them and laugh.

    missing time

    I am on a balcony now, with the same crowd, right outside the room I was in. It is night.

    missing time.

    I am back in the room, and I look up at the blue sky. I am going the fly the fuck out of here! Surge. Calm down. I float out to the balcony, and fly slowly, maintaining altitude over the scene below. I am at an Ivy League college. It is a bright summer day, and people are milling about on the grass below. I fly in a vertical position with my arms rigid. I wonder if I am doing this in waking life. I focus on my dream arms. They feel real. My arms are starting to get tired. I ignore the tiredness, and focus on flying. Smoothly, smoothly, good. I float down to the crowd.

    I wonder what will happen if I spin like a tornado. I spin and turn into a red tornado blur like the Tasmanian Devil cartoon character, and teleport ten feet forward. I try it again. Awesome!

    There is an extremely tall woman, like an Amazon, about seven or more feet tall, or about 2.4 meters. She has very long blond hair, and a long straight nose, high cheekbones, and a broad face. She looks Chinese and White. She is curvy and sexy. She pulls me to her as I fly by, and her boobs are in my face. I tilt my head up to kiss her, and wake up.

    I woke up from this awesome dream, and used the bathroom. I lied back down, then remembered my dream. After remembering it, I realized I had forgotten it for a minute, then remembered it! This goes to show that Recall is the most important dream skill, and lucidity is not going to necessarily help us remember our dreams.
    On another note, something unusual I have learned about myself is that I am more adept in Delta brainwave state, or that my recall for that state is above average. I do not have very good dream control in Theta. But, the same rules apply, except for some reason, I have to teach my Theta Dreaming Mind all the skills that my Delta Mind knows, from the ground up. This is why I am focusing on such simple skills as flying and teleporting. I used to always try to summon weapons, make portals, and shoot fireballs in Theta with little or halfway success. I have since learned that for some bizarre reason unknown to me, my Theta Mind must learn all the Dream Control skills from the ground up, starting with the basics such as flying and teleporting.
    For some reason, I could never remember to spin in dreams. Spinning like a tornado instead of a little kid helps for me personally.

    Fake Keiko

    Keiko is this woman who I was dating for awhile. She is out of my life right now, and I am a little disappointed about that. She is from Japan.

    I am talking to Keiko, and she is responding in her cute thick Japanese accent. It sounds like her, but this woman is a different person. Why are we at school? I am confused.

    I wake up, and realize it was a dream, because Keiko looks nothing like the woman I was talking to in my dream. Later on, in waking life, I went to school. I was standing in line at Subway, and I heard a Japanese accent, a female voice standing next to me, which I ignored. It's unremarkable, plus direct eye contact with complete strangers may be considered rude in their culture. This woman was standing right next to me, and as I turned to go, we were staring each other in the face. My jaw must have dropped, because it was the woman who I had a dream of earlier that morning. Even standing in line I thought, "Her voice sounds like Keiko's, but I know Keiko would not be here."
    I hung around outside to see if the woman was going to come out, thinking it might be significant, then I dismissed it as a real synchronicity, but simultaneously insignificant.

    Bathroom Frag

    I am cleaning up my roommate's piss on the toilet. Dirty fucker.

    Funny thing is, I live alone, and have lived alone for a few months. In my dream my roommate was my neighbor in the next apartment over who I always hear piss fart and burp.

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      Can you better describe the witch and her smirk please?
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      He's talking about Yuuko From XXXholic and Tsubasa.
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      okay thanks