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    The Nomad Chronicles


    by , 08-09-2011 at 03:05 AM (533 Views)
    I am FIRECAT, a flaming lion-man, with astral tentacles swirling about my chakras. I am standing on The Temple of Nothing, In the City of Nowhere, in the Land of Nod, on the Green Moon.

    I am ensrouded in sacred energy. I look over the city. Everything is beautiful and amazing. I see hundreds of dreamers pouring into the city through portals.

    Atras rides up to me on an indigo wolf.

    He looks at me and smiles. He dismounts and stands next to me. He asks me if everything he sees is real. I roar, and make the dream ripple. He laughs and asks where Raven is. She turns a corner. She is holding a cute little cat. It's Shadow. Shadow jumps into my arms. I pet her, then she jumps down, and makes figure eights around Raven's ankles.

    Raven smiles at Atras, do you want to have an adventure with us?

    Atras says YES! then he disappears.

    Raven shrugs as she makes a portal, and we jump in.

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    Tags: atras, iodsp, raven


    1. Atras's Avatar
      In my dream there was a place where dreamers were coming out of portals into the Dream Warrior City. Also I remember you and Raven being in the dream.