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    The Nomad Chronicles

    Flight of the Necromancer

    by , 07-25-2013 at 05:13 AM (419 Views)
    (abbreviated due to CTS)

    I leap out of bed, awake in dreams, a great werelion, Juargawn. there is a disturbance on the dream plane. raven is looking at me, smiling as she leans on her staff. she opens a portal to the moon, and we go to the Biodome. I decide to go to the City of Nothing the city I founded on the Moon, and find in my Temple, the Temple of Nothing, the undead walking. Skeletons, zombies. I slay them with fierceness, but more appear out of the ground; the work of a necromancer.

    Damn him, damn him to a thousand hells. I smell him out, aha, there is his, on the hilltop. I cast an Earthquake to shake the undead from the ground, an they rise, an army of rotting evil. The stench, o goddess... I cast the Moon Shield about myself as they hurl body parts at me. i cast a Thunderstorm, and call down lightning which consumes the undead in Holy Fire.

    I stare directly into the sun to gain energy, then channel my rage and the power of the Sun into a Rage Blast forcing his body through a thousand portals lined up back to back.

    more later if can.
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