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    The Nomad Chronicles

    Gifts of the Bat-King

    by , 03-30-2013 at 12:32 AM (984 Views)
    I see Raven kneeling by the koi pond in the Biodome on the moon. She is looking at the fish with WinterFae. They stand up when they hear me approach. WinterFae is led away by Selene after my two lovers kiss me. "Winter needs to rest and dream within dreams," Selene says. I nod.
    "Let's do dream healing on your foot, Nomad," Raven smiles at me. I give her a big hug.
    "Thank you for this, and for helping me to remember my dreams, and dream sharing and teaching me how to teleport, and summon weapons and make portals and for being a good friend and saving my ass so many times in nightmares." Raven just chuckles in response.
    "Raven, I think it's time for us to return to the Temple of the Angels."
    "Let's do it," she says.
    I raise my hands and ask my Guardian Angel, the archangel Michael, to aid us in our journey. He appears from everywhere and nowhere, suddenly a supernova searing the back of my skull with holy flame, and then a simple man in a robe made of woven light, with a sword of pure astral/dream fire and eyes like hot ice.
    A ripping sound from behind us: we turn and see a tear in the fabric of timespace. Koomo, my Dark Spirit Guide, King of The Planet of the Bat-People, the Man-Bat with skin black as coal, climbs through the hole and then expands his great leathery wings, alighting on the ground in front of me. "Koomo? Good to see you! But, why are you here?"
    "You think my two best childhood friends get together, and leave me out of an Adventure?"
    At the word 'adventure', I suddenly have flashbacks of thousands of adventures I had with Michael and Koomo in Dreamworld and the Astral Plane. Memories surged to the forefront of my brain of me talking and playing with them in Wakeworld.
    Koomo and Michael gave each other a strange greeting, grabbing two arms of the other person, and bowing, almost as if about to do some strange wrestling. Then, Koomo bowed to Raven and said to her, "Thank you for helping to defeat the WraithLord which secretly ruled my planet, and aiding me in my journey to the Throne as rightful King of Mon-Wa You have my gratitude. I have not been able to repay you or thank you as I have been so consumed with restoring peace to my planet. Also, my servants were crafting these five gifts for you to aid you in your journey, and to have cool fucking dreams, I give these to you, designed by King Koomo, and crafted by the best smiths of my planet, of gold and secret black stone from deepest mines."
    He gives Raven three gifts, a belt, a necklace and a tiara, each one golden with a beautiful pure black stone. "First, try this necklace, every gift is functional," says Koomo.
    Raven presses the stone on the hanging from her neck, apparently, it's a button. Quickgold, flowing like mercury over Raven's torso, golden straps grow, and out of her back, wings of the same yellow liquid metal. "Take flight!" says Koomo.
    Raven takes to the air, and laughs, "You don't have to tell me twice." Raven loops and spins, and flutters like a moth.
    "The wings increase maneuverability."
    Raven laughs and lands. "This pendant has a passive ability," says Koomo as he turns away and half-closes his eyes generating a small fiery orb of dark violet energy, " to REPEL DARK ENERGY." Koomo blasts the orb at Raven, and the black stone absorbs the attack, then spins and shoots the energy back toward Koomo like a thousand shards of broken glass, who blocks the counter-attack with his wings.
    Koomo gives her the bracelet. She puts it on and then presses the stone. The belt flows into her hand and becomes a whipsnake, a living whip with a venomous bite. The golden snake has beautiful deep black eyes, and is captivating, yet terrifying as looking into the uncaring vacant eyes of a psychopath. Raven whips it, and it hisses and roars like a crocodile. Raven smiles mirthlessly.
    Koomo gives her the tiara. She puts it on her head, and loses balance for a second. "This tiara increases lucidity, and will increase your psychic skills in Wakeworld. What you are feeling is disorentation due to your different bodies becoming more aware of each other. You're fine."
    "Also, now you have sonar." Music comes out of Raven, a Metallica song with lyrics that sound something like, 'seeking darkness, seeking light, i see in all things, and the blackest night."
    Koomo dreamscapes a maze like area for Raven to practice. The sounds are terrifying, cute, and weird coming from Raven. Raven and Koomo bow. "I have one last gift," Koomo says as he takes to the air, "and in the tradition of my savage people, you must fight me for it."
    "Fly, blackbird, Fly!" he taunts. Raven looks annoyed. "FLY!" he roars, as he summons a golden spear and throws it at her. She dodges the attack, and throws the spear back. Raven summons a double-bladed quarterstaff, and they fight in the air. Koomo charges his staff with dark energy, and screams at Raven. She yawns in response. She wields her whipsnake, and whips it at Koomo's spear. The whip wraps around the spear, and Raven yanks it into her hand. Koomo disappears into the maze. The maze goes dark, so dark the darkness shines out of the maze like light. I hear Raven making funny bat sounds and playing that rock song about seeking all, and see in the light and night. Koomo flies out of the cave, and Raven tackles him, and Koomo falls to the ground. She stands with her foot on his chest and his own spear at his neck.
    "You win," he says, grabbing the spear, which Raven uses to help him stand. "And the gift is in your hand." Raven looks at the spear, which melts on to the ground, and then grows up on to her feet as boots.
    "Um... Spear-boots?"
    "Yes! that, and more. Any object or shape you desire, an object of pure liquid Quickgold. I recommend it for weapons, armor, and lockpicks."
    Raven puts her palm out, facing upward, and the quickgold flows into it, a ball about the size of a baseball. The quickgold giggles and coos.
    "This quickgold is semi-sentient, similar to Nomad's symbiote, but quickgold repels dark energy instead of absorbing it like Nomad's alien. The quickgold also helps balance light and dark energy of the wearer."
    Raven pets the little giggling yellow sphere, and says, "I'll call you Goldie, funny little happy ball." Goldie starts laughing uproariously, and forms a mouth. The laughter emanating from the quickgold is so ridiculous, we all start laughing hysterically.
    After the laughter dies, Koomo greets me by head butting me. "Nomad Nocturne, and Raven Knight, I bestow upon you the title: Champions of Mon-Wa! All Bat-People who bless you may they be blessed a thousand times in return, and all Bat-People who curse you, a thousand curses return!"
    "My friends, I sojourn with you to the Temple of the Angels, for my planet is sick and dying after just 300 years rule of the WraithLord. I seek aid and wisdom to heal my planet's heart."
    Selene appears in our midst. "We must heal the heart of the Moon."
    I wake up with a jolt. I am in my bed in BanYanLand on the Moon. Selene is sleeping next to me. I am confused. I look out the window, and see the full moon in it. I am more confused. A raven flies across the moon and lands in the window, then looks at me. I hear a voice whisper, "Heal the heart of the Raven, heal the heart of the Moon." I feel something like a tiny moonstone angel-heart flutter inside my human heart. I fall back to sleep.
    I am standing back right where I was a second ago, slightly dizzy. Selene catches me. "Nomad?"
    "I'm alright."
    I look at Raven. She smiles at me benignly. "You're really important to me," I tell her earnestly. A tear rolls down her cheek. She hugs me.
    "You're really important to me, too, Nomad," she whispers.
    Michael opens a beautiful portal rippling with iridescent fractals. He creates a rainbow a large disc which we step on to: Koomo, Selene, Raven, and I. The four of us join hands, and we fly into the portal. The wormhole is perfect and clean, in total balance in harmony of all the flora and fauna. We land on something like a round stage or landing pad ringed about with marble pillars. Metatron greets us, his face shining like the sun.
    When he speaks, his voices sounds like a thousand waterfalls. "Welcome, weary Travellers. I know well of your journey. Thank you, Brother Michael for ushering these mighty Dream Warriors to our sacred Temple, Selene, Goddess of the Moon, may you receive what you need to heal the heart of the Moon. Raven Knight, the Moon Queen, may your healing skills ascend to match your limitless compassion. Koomo, King of Planet Mon-Wa, may you receive the wisdom and knowledge to heal your dying planet. Nomad Nocturne, Lord of Night, God of Nothing, may you receive the deep soul healing you desire to transfer to others.
    Metatron leads us to warm saltwater pools with air and water the same temperature as the skin. We float in them and fall asleep as if they were beds for what seems like days. We awake in different rooms in what feels like beautiful tropical bread-and-breakfast hotels, or medieval inns. Metatron invites us to eat with him and others at a great table in a beautiful edible garden. "So many Peoples of Myth have been transported here from the Dark Realms as you rescued them. They are healing in various areas in our Temple. I seen you are concerned, and they are doing well.

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