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    The Nomad Chronicles

    Healing in the Biodome

    by , 04-18-2013 at 07:56 PM (386 Views)
    Raven and I are sitting in the volcanically heated ponds. WinterFae is floating in it, asleep. Raven sends healing energy into my foot and neck. I send healing energy into her brain and heart.
    I fall asleep, and dream...
    I am sitting on a mountain. The air is gently cool, and a soft breeze blows through my hair. I am in total peace, Xaphor, the red dragon-man, my dream guide, speaks to me, floating on a cloud.
    "You and Raven are what's called soulkin. To help heal her soul, you must go back in time, go back, go back, go back..." A portal opens behind me. I see a young Nomad playing with some rabbits somewhere in a forest. I step through. The boy Nomad does not see or hear me yet.
    I see a young Raven step into the glen where my young self plays. "Hi. Whatcha doing."
    "Playing with these imaginary rabbits, my imaginary friend."
    "Well, this is all a dream. I made it all up in my own mind."
    "If I'm fake, then make me go away."
    My boy self closes his eyes and opens them.
    "Hmm.. must be doing something wrong."
    "I'm real!"
    I step into the clearing. My boy self is shocked. Raven somehow recognizes me and smiles.
    "Young Nomad, everything you see is real, and everything you see is a dream. I am real, sentient, separate from you, and so is Raven. I am you from the future, and I have some things to teach you."
    I touch my forehead to his, and transmit telepathically to him everything I have learned about the Dream Plane. Our transmission is interrupted by a tearing sound, the sound of a rip in the fabric of timespace. I turn and see a hairy green arm with its grip on Raven's shoulder, pulling her through the rip into some nightmare dimension. I barely miss her ankle. The rip starts to close, but I rip it open with my staff, and boy Nomad and I leap through. We are at the entrance to a labyrinth. I smell the demon. I throw my boy self on my shoulders and run after the smell, illuminating the passage with a light from my forehead.
    "Got a sword?"
    "Do you have a sword?"
    "Summon one. Will it into existence!"
    I turn a corner, and see the demon carrying Raven, running down a hall. I see him gunning for a slimy hole in the wall, apparently to jump into it. I toss my boy self at the demon, and he draws his little sword in the air, and lands on the demon, then plunges his sword into the demon's back. The creature collapses to the ground, then his body turns into putrid purple smoke. Raven coughs. I pick her up, and make a portal back to the Healing Glen in the North Country. Adult Raven is there, along with MoSh, Tigress, and Pablo. I lay down in the grass next to the two children, and the others play healing music over us.
    I fall asleep, and wake up in the Hot Pools in the Biodome.

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