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    The Nomad Chronicles

    Healing, The Mask of the Dawn Key, Nanite Analysis

    by , 04-12-2013 at 09:12 PM (421 Views)
    I hear Raven speak to me telepathically, "Nomad, help me in this battle." I wake up! No, I'm dreaming... on the astral plane. I open a portal to Raven's house in the desert. She's surrounded by astral Templar demons with her sword drawn. I run in a circle around them, faster and faster, creating a whirlwind. Raven spins in place, and the Templar demons get sucked up into a sky portal. Goodbye, fuckers.

    Raven and I hi-5. Cool move! What do we call it? Chaos-Storm!

    Raven opens a portal to the Hot Pools on the Moon in the Biodome. I slide in. I feel all the muscles in my dream body relax. WinterFae is sleeping, floating in the water. I give her a kiss as she floats by. Raven falls asleep in the water and wakes up. "I feel so much better!"
    "What did you dream about?"
    "Nothing, silly. I already am dreaming."

    "I want to analyze these nanites, if I have any. Let's go to the Moon Tower, since we're already on the Moon." We teleport to the base of the Moon Tower. Washu and Janet are there with Stephanie, the Tower's AI, manifesting as a hologram. They say they are very excited to analyze our physical bodies from the dream plane, a most interesting and challenging task.
    Washu has a funny dark energy animal, kind of like a cross between a beetle and a hedgehog. She says she has trained it to drain off a person's excess dark energy without hurting the person. She offers it to Raven. Raven pets it, and gives it back, saying she doesn't have too much dark energy in her dream body, it's the physical plane which is the problem.

    The three women lead us into an analysis room. They have us stand on circles with lights above and under us, then lie on beds and scan us with lasers. They say we both have nanochips in our physical bodies, but mine are disabled by the alien implants. Raven's nanochips never made it all the way into her brain, but got stuck in the bone of her skull, which can cause headaches. They say Raven can control them.
    We access the Collective. Raven and I are flying down a digital wormhole. I feel calm and at peace. I feel like an android, I feel so human, so alive. We fly into two cubes, spinning in opposite directions, like a merkabah. We say we are machine, we are cyborgs, we take control of our bio-technology.

    We wake up in The Sick Bay of the Moon Tower. Stephanie is looking at me, her bluish skin faintly glowing. "We are so much alike, cyborg," she giggles.
    "What?" I wake up.

    I fall back to sleep.
    I am on the Moon Tower with Raven. She is looking through the giant telescope at Masyaf. "Templars... infiltrating, counterspies! Look, Nomad!" I look through and see a city on a mesa, and Templar demons disguised as Assassins slowly making their way in.
    "Nothing is True."
    "Everything is Permitted."
    "As above, so below, as within, so without."
    "We must counter-infiltrated the Templars going in to Masyaf!"
    "Let's do it!"

    Raven and I morph into Templars, then put our Assassin robes over them. We think we look so silly and laugh. She opens a portal to outside Masyaf. We are on the side of a road in a valley. We join a band of demon-Templars dressed as Assassins, following up the rear. We walk with them into the city.

    We stay in a special training school. After a few weeks, we discover who all the demon-Templars are, and assassinate them at night, and throw their bodies over the cliff. The Templars lay siege to the city. They shout they want their sacred artifact, the Mask of the Dawn Key, and they will kill us all to get it. (con'td)

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