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    I believe in Me!

    by , 01-04-2014 at 02:48 AM (349 Views)
    I am lucid somehow, a great werelion on a suburban street somewhere nameless. I can fly! I leap into the air, flying! I land, and leap again, but somehow cannot fly? Why can't I fly? What technique do I need? Wait- this is my lucid dream! I leap to the sky with a shout: I BELIEVE IN ME!
    I stop about 15,000 feet in the air and hover. I perceive the edge of the dream bubble, and swirl it around to make a portal. It doesn't work at first. "Don't focus on the Moon yet," I tell myself. "Focus on the portal. Twist the pane of the dream bubble!"
    The sky begins to swirl as if it's a 2D painting, and- I wake up!

    note: I have not experienced this power in theta mode much, generally in delta only.

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    1. floatinghead's Avatar
      Hey buddy, I wanted to share a dream that my daughter had last night. I think it has some strong connections with you which is strange!

      First of all I want to say that she has not read any of your more recent dreams of the last couple of years (I read her some of the early moon dream sharing with Raven)

      So she tells me she was running through a forest away from this guy who was like a giant cat, a leopard or something - his whole head was of a giant cat and he was covered in fur. He came out of this dark temple which had a silver door. As she ran she sang and it made different magical creatures appear around her for help.

      That was pretty much it, reading your more recent dreams I thought they had a striking similarity to what she had dreamed. The were-cat, the temple - but why would she be dreaming of you at this time?