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    The Nomad Chronicles

    I cry

    by , 02-26-2014 at 07:18 PM (704 Views)
    Johnny Depp and I are sitting on a mountain in the Biodome smoking a big fat joint. Somehow we are in the middle of a conversation.
    "This is some good dream herb, bro," he says to me.
    We talk about the Hollywood Mafia, and how they've killed a lot of high-level actors, like Heath Ledger. He starts crying. "They enslave us, and kill us, even though we have all this money, so no one knows. They've killed a lot of my friends... my friends. We are real people, we're not images on a screen. That's not me, that fucking image, and it's dehumanizing. People put us on a pedestal and worship us like gods, but we're just fucking real goddamned people."
    "You have to fight them. Johnny, no."
    "If I fight them, they'll kill someone I love. There's nothing I can do bro. I just have to smile and act like nothing's wrong. I am good at that, I'm an actor. They already got me long ago in the 21 Jumpstreet days. That's when I sold my soul to the devil."
    A portal opens up behind him, and two Agents in black step out. "It's time for you to go, Mr. Depp."
    "How the hell did those bastards get in here?"
    "I called them, I had to. I have to go now, brother."
    "Johnny, no!"
    "Don't end up like me, don't walk down this path."
    "This is not real, none of this Illuminati bullshit is real."
    "Never forget Heath Ledger."
    One of the Agents slaps Johnny's face. I cry out in anger. They grab him by the elbows, and take him into a dark creepy portal, and they disappear. I collapse in grief and cry alone amongst the wildflowers for what feels like hours.
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    1. GenFalcon's Avatar
      Wow! I can never recall my dialoge that well Very interesting dream!!
    2. Narwhal's Avatar
      Damn. That's an important dream.